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  1. That may be part of the reason. Its amazing how many people don't have PFDs with them. The one officer who is a friend carries extras in his vehicle and let's people use them after getting their most of the time a warning ticket depending on their attitude. They have to return them to the office after the complete the float.
  2. The McHenry County Conservation District has the ISA signs posted we supplied them with. They did all the work so now there are 8 signs posted on this water. Thank you Gabe Powers for the help getting this done!
  3. I know some of you have seen my post from fishing the creek near me for smallies. I been doing fairly well on this small water catching smallies from 6 inches up to my PB for the creek a 19 1/2 inches. I thought that this would be a great water to have our signs posted on smallmouth conservation. Talked with Scott and he thought it would be a good thing. Was able to contact Gabe Powers the fisheries manager for the McHenry County Conservation District. He was able to get the permission to have the signs put up on the creek. They are even doing the installation of the signs at the site. It was great seeing the sign at one of the areas that people fish. Gabe is very interested in getting a working relationship with the ISA. I will be passing his info along to Terry and they can talk shop. Well maybe the creek thanked me today for thinking about the conservation of this great little water. It rewarded me with this great walleye a beautiful 29 1/2 inch fish today. Caught others but most were in the 14 inch range. All fish came on the JimmyDs Riverbug in the custom color he ties for me. I feel very fortunate to have a water like this so close to my house. The MCCD has been doing a ton of work on this creek and it obviously is paying off. If we have a Blowout next spring I think Gabe may be a great speaker for us to consider and when I talked with him he was open to the idea. I could have posted this in the Other Gamefish section but even though it is a great walleye the conservation side and sign posting is a bigger deal. Take care and get out and fish!
  4. Scott I will not be going I am just not comfortable with this on going Covid thing. Sorry hope all is well with you and everyone else in the ISA.
  5. Even though there are no official celebrations because of the Covid-19 please take some time today and remember those that gave so much for are great country!
  6. John contact the guys at Rocktown Adventures they definitely will be able to help you out with options. The Jackson Kayaks Bite FD is a great peddle drive kayak but it is just a bit over $2000 the thing to think about with a peddle is weight. I believe the Bite FD is over 90 lbs. Talk to either Kevin or Travis at Rocktown.
  7. Chris no not really. I am using very light jigs. The hair jigs are 1/16 th ond 3/32 nd and using 1/15 th with the Ned Rig. I am fishing current and with the light jigs heads and keeping my rod up high with some very easy rod twitches the jigs skips along pretty well. It is a technique that takes some practice and you need to pay attention. Paying attention is very important with the colder water temps now takes are very light and usually just notice weight on the line . Any questions just let me know and I do my best to answer them. Frank
  8. I have been getting out on my small water areas this spring. I am able to walk in to a fair amount of spots but hope to be out on the kayak this week. I thought I would share what I have been throwing with some success. Baits of choice have been the Ned Rig and hairjigs . In the photo are 4 of the most productive ones. A is the Ned Rig in Greenpumkin Goby with a chartreuse head 1/15 th oz. B is a hairjig that my friend Jimmy makes for me in a custom color to match the Greenpumkin Goby combination Ned Rig jig is 3/32nd oz. C is Fur Tail jig using coyote hair also tied by my friend Jimmy again jig is 3/32nd oz. And D is another Fur Tail jig using Raccoon hair and also 3/32 nd oz. Technique I use is throw up stream and let the current do all the work. I just try to keep slack out of line as most takes are very soft and usually just feel weight. Getting out fishing can be good for the body and mind just be safe!
  9. For anyone interested in trying these out I have donated some for the Blowout raffles. I have had great success with these on rivers in rocky areas.
  10. Scott sent you a text I can give you guys a hand
  11. Selling two flyrod. First rod is Temple Fork Outfitters BVK 6wt 9-0 4 pc. Rod is in great shape asking $150.00. Second rod is a Temple Fork Outfitters Signature Seris 8wt 9-0 2pc. Rod is in great shape and includes a Cortland 7/8 wt reel and a hard tube case. Asking $85.00 for this setup. Any questions give me a call 815-382-9146.
  12. I just read on Facebook that Michigan has issued the permits for the Back Forty Mine by the Menomonee River. This is very bad!
  13. Welcome and nice job with the Ned Rig!
  14. The Kishwaukee Brutus Hunter is that something you would drink by the Kilbuck Terry? LOL!
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