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INSA Gold Challenge Trophy


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Just read through rules.


I think I'm minus 25 points right now.


You using a supercomputer to track this?





Na, the guys enjoy it like fantasy football. It is supposed to be ridiculous and thus awesome fun. Instead they are yanking trash and doing the different challenges. We've got at least 8 from 100-268 points right now.

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I like the idea. My additions would be encouraging as well, but also include a few pitfalls...




(+1) Actually fishing

(+1) A spooked smallmouth jumping into your canoe or kayak

(+1) Gratuitous use of the term "smallie beaver"

(+2) Lesbian sighting

(+5) Pics of said sighting (unlike fish pics, acceptable to borrow images from Google in this instance)

(+5) Use of a stripping basket to hold cold beer

(+10) Purchasing waders, a rod, reel, or watercraft all by yourself, without group input

(+15) Using your watercraft or waders more times in any given week than you order pizza

(+20) Spending more time fishing than surfing fishing forums

(+25) Saying "thank you", "I'm sorry", or "my bad"

(+50) Leaving any fishing area better off than it was when you arrived




(-1) Responding that you cannot make a club function, even though said function is not in your region

(-1) Comparing smallmouth bass to trout

(-2) Posting a photo that requires scrolling to view or close

(-2) Needing to be reminded publicly that your PM in-box is full

(-2) Following forum posts without ever posting anything of your own

(-2) Taking more than 5 minutes to suit up when meeting a buddy to fish

(-5) Never posting a fishing report

(-5) Being loud while an event speaker is giving a presentation

(-7) Referring to the fish we all love as "small mouth"

(-10) Threatening to quit the club


A negative score earns you the singing demon fish:



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Hey B-man,

What music did you down load?

This would be a good song for it.........http://youtu.be/l-EHXPoF5iM


It would, as it turns out.... I want to airbrush a new one for next year's winner. Since it isn't Lord Stanley's official version yet, no music was added. Yet. "Please release me" would be excellent!


Eric- you so crazy.


Laugh all ya want ;) . I have people picking up trash and tires that weren't before to the tune of 220 gallons of trash and 32 tires so far since March started. We should be nabbing another 30-50 tires this weekend. Cracking me up that all you have to do is turn it into a 'competition'.

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The whole tire thing has me rolling on the floor... I can think of two tires in a local flow that I regularly catch fish off of! Decisions can be tough, can I ask for guidance? :D No deductions please!

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