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Arial Maps software & websites

Paul Trybul

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We are starting to get into the time of year when I stop fishing and start planning for the next season. I like daydreaming of new river fishing adventures while I gaze out my snow covered window. Something that helps facilitate this is looking at arial maps and photos. Looking for access, tracking distance of possible canoe trips, scouting out reefs and sunken islands on clear lakes are all posible with the right view. In the past I liked using the Google Earth software. The free version has high quality in some areas but poor quality in other rual areas. I was wondering what software/websites most of you use. There is probably new stuff coming out all the time and I was hoping to find some better options.

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I use Google map, Mapquest, and Yahoo Maps. The maps were also taken at different times and seasons. You may see the different in qualities, water levels, sun angles, wind conditions, etc. Use all three and compare.

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I have also found a few local gems by sleuthing YouTube.


The only local gems I find on YouTube help more with my dance moves not finding fishing spots.....right Terry.


Actually this is a pretty good tip. I have watched some paddling videos that show put in and take out spots. They don't fish but along the way there is some video of areas that look like it could be good for fishing.

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I use Google Alerts to keep track of new content for the things I'm interested in.




For instance, you could setup an alert for "rock river" + fishing and any time Google indexes new content matching those search terms it'll e-mail you the link. Great way to keep abreast of new content in a timely manner.


As far as maps, I use Google Earth too. I have also found a few local gems by sleuthing YouTube. Or I just hire a black helicopter and follow Norm from a reasonable distance. :lol:


Just make sure that you don't fly over any Iranian neighborhoods. :o

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