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Cast & Compare 2011

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I've been working on this for awhile & its on the calendar. Here are the details & its bigger & better for the 5th year. Its open to all interested in learning more about fly rods & fishing. Don't miss this one!!


Cast & Compare 2011

Illinois Smallmouth Alliance


5th annual ISA casting event – Bass & Glass

9/17/11 - 8:30am to 12 noon

Glenwood Forest Preserve RTE 25 south in Batavia.


Bring your new or favorite smallie rods to compare to others. A unique chance for you to test other rods on the water, side by side. If you are new to fly fishing come out & learn!

This free event is open to all anglers, courtesy of the ISA Bassbuggers.

This years we have Pat Ehlers/The Fly Fishers, Trout & Grouse, Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters, Guidelines, Cortland, LL Bean & Cabela’s with new rods to cast.

Raffle of gear donated by the sponsors. Bassbuggers will grill lunch.


First the Glass:

Diamondback Glass – Cortland reintroduced its line of modern glass, we’ll have some.

Cabelas CGR 50Th anniversary glass, these rods are here for a short run, try‘em out.

Why glass? Why not. There is a resurgence in rods produced from this classic material, check out the August/September issue of American Angler magazine for more.


Bass rods:

Echo Edge 84 - from Tim Rajeff (rajeffsports.com) & Pat Ehlers owner of The Flyfishers, using new tech resins & 8’ 4” tapers made for bass, pike & musky.

Guidelines - one handed & switch rods. Stuart Green will bring a range of rods & lines that Guidelines offers. Doug Taylor will offer spey casting & rigging assistance.

Trout & Grouse has the new Orvis Access rods.

LL Bean has the Quest II, Streamlight Ultra & Silver Ghost rods.

Cortland, Cabelas & Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters are bringing new graphite rods for trout, bass & saltwater.


I anticipate 30+ new rods for this event. Gear is for test casting, not for sale on site. We encourage you to patronize the sponsors & there will be special offers available.


Sign in & you will be entered in a raffle including an Echo Edge 84 rod donated by The Fly Fishers & a Quest II rod by LL Bean, a Reelmaster L A reel by Guidelines, & more to be drawn at end of event, your first ticket is FREE.


Paddle & Trail in Aurora will have demo fishing kayaks/canoes for test paddling. Paddle & cast separately please.


Drift will conduct a macroinvertabrate collect & ID seminar midmorning offering another chance to learn. Results are part of ongoing water quality monitoring reported to the IDNR.


Contact: John Loebach Fly Fishing Director, ISA C# 630/251-5904

Or online at illinoissmallmouthalliance.net

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Guest airbornemike

Here are some kayaks Charlie from Paddle and Trail in Aurora will be bringing to test paddle.


•Hobie Pro-Angler

•Hobie Outback

•Jackson Coosa

•Jackson Daytripper 12

•Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5

•Native Watercraft Marvel 12

•Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

•Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

•Hurricane Open Fisherman

•Old Town Vapor Angler 10

.Wilderness Commander 140

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Its coming day after tomorrow! List of rods & who's bringing them.


ISA Cast & Compare2011 -New rods list



Cabela’s: +Glass


Mike Ballenger, Hoffman Estates store

LSI 9’ – 7wt. CGR 5’9” - 3wt.

LSI 11’ – 6wt. CGR 6’6” - 4wt.

Traditional II 9’6” – 7wt. CGR 7’0: - 5wt.

L Tech 9’ – 8wt. CGR 7’6” - 6wt.

TQR 7’ – ¾ wt. CGR 7’6’’ - 8wt.

TFO 9’ 6 wt.

St. Croix Imperial 9’ – 7wt.



Tom Steele flydepot.com

Pro Cast 9’ – 8wt. Diamongback glass 8’ – 4wt.

Big Sky 9’ – 8wt. Diamondglas 8’ – 5wt.(old version)

Diamondglas 7’ – 4wt.(old version)


Pat Ehlers, The Fly Fishers

Edge 84 8’4” – 6wt.

Edge 84 8’4” – 7wt.

Edge 84 8’4” – 8wt.

Edge 84 8’4” – 9wt.

Edge 84 8’4” – 10wt.


LL Bean: Guidelines graphite

Tony Badde, South Barrington store Stuart Green, Doug Taylor

Streamlight Ultra 9’ – 6wt. EXP3 single hand

Quest II 9’- 9wt. ACT4 “ “

Silver Ghost 9’ – 6wt. LPXe “ “

Double L 6’6” – 3wt. Fario “ “

LPXe RSV2 s.h.

Orvis: LPXe Switch (3)

Paul Melchior, Trout & Grouse LPXe Spey

Access 9’ – 6wt. LeCie Spey

Access 9’ – 7wt.

Access 9’ – 8wt. tip flex

Access 9’ – 8wt. mid flex

Access 9’ – 9wt.

Access 9’ – 10wt.



Jerry Darkes(rep), Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters

A4 series F2 6’6” – 3wt. glass

LS2 11’6” 8wt.

Ross rods

Sago one 9’ – 8wt.

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i learned alot about rods that i was curious about.and even more about some of the new lines. john, ed, eugene put ona great event. the kayaks were awesome. and good grillin by spitz. rich

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Thanks to all who pitched in: Ed & Eugene for keeping the sign in & raffle manned, Spiz, Rich & Mark D for cooking & cleanup, Eric for pics, Airborne Mike, Carl B, Ed & Eugene for setup. I am grateful to have the help of so many making it look easy by working together without asking.

Thanks to 62 participants who signed in, without each of you the experience would be lessened.

Finally thanks to the 7 shop owners, reps or store staff for your time & for bringing 50+ new rods of all types, plus 9 canoes & kayaks to try out.

John l

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Outstanding report Eric, thank you!


the fish gods smiled on me again with that Cadillac of a reel.:)

I am still trying to catch my first smallie on it.



Thank you John L. for putting this event together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With so many flyrods to practice with, it really helped me figure out what I want for a Flyrod.

And to anybody i hit with the line while casting, Thanks for not ratting me out.

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That was a heck of an event!


Thank you to all the ISA officers, coordinators and volunteers that made it happen.


Boats, fly gear, instruction on a beautiful day.


Great going to all!


Ron does wear that hat nicely nicely.


Great pics!

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