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  1. As I recent retiree I applaud your milestone. Time well spent.
  2. Dick, Costco sells a Fuji XP waterproof camera for about $140. I used it in Hawaii to take underwater video while snorkeling. Works great. It also has a floating handle attachment.
  3. Or, where feasible, you can simply fish downstream, gradually letting the current and rod position move the fly into the right spot.
  4. Just curious, how did people like the Nucanoe?
  5. Kevin, you can also try the Rogue River, http://http://gettingbitguideservice.com/content/rogue-river-fishing-guide-steelhead-trout-smallmouth-bass Michigan has changed its licensing this year. Instead of having a special species (trout) stamp, it's all inclusive, and, as a result, the price has shot up to $76 for nonresidents. You can buy a 72 hour license for $30. http://www.eregulations.com/michigan/fishing/license-items-fees/ In any case, it's a beautiful area. If you decide to fish the Flat River (very wade-able) north of Lowell, Mi, let me know, and I can give you more specifics.
  6. Sorry for the bump. This post will bump you back to the top.
  7. Rock-solid polyethylene, 3 seat canoe with molded seat backs. Very stable and comfortable. Comes with paddles, trolley anchor, foam roof mounts, straps, and life vests. Canoe alone sells for over $800 new. Been used fewer than 20 times and has plowed easily through whitecaps in the Sylvania Wilderness. $550.
  8. Hi, Mike, what's your reason for selling, and what are the pros and cons of the Nucanoe from your experience? Ron G
  9. Thanks, Tom, any recommendations for spots to fish? I'll probably be fishing from shore on Kauai and Maui.
  10. Thanks, Alan, I actually just ordered the Rio Saltwater Versileader (5.6 ips) from Fishwest. It's for my trip to Hawaii.
  11. All you fly liners. What's your experience with adding a sinking tip to a regular floating fly line? Does it work well, does it hold up? I'm thinking of putting some 3-inch-per-second tip on the end of some 8 weight WF. Thanks, RonG
  12. Last Wednesday in the Kalamazoo River - Probably the last time this year.
  13. Who's bringing the skunk? Wish I had known sooner. I had a skunk in my basement over the weekend. He fell into the window well, then tore threw the screen and pushed open the window. It took a while, but I managed to coax him up a couple ramps back to the window well and then out to ground level. No spray!
  14. I bought some Flats Boots from Cabela's and used them with neoprene socks all summer wading in the Kalamazoo River. The velcro straps on top help keep all the sand and gravel out, and the boots are light but still offer support. The only negative would be that they have a rubber sole, so they don't hold on slippery boulders.
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