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Scott F., Paragraph - 4

Terry Dodge

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Can logic be applied to fish? It gets me when soooo many fisherman use fluorocarbon leaders because they think that because we can see the line that the fish can see it and will react negatively. They don't apply the same logic to the baits they are using, Can't the fish tell the difference between a big chunk of plastic or wood and live minnows? Obviously, most of them can't or don't have the brains to understand the difference or we wouldn't catch any fish. Therefore, in my opinion, they can't tell that line is going to be a problem. From the viewpoint of the manufacturers, it doesn't matter if the bait or the line will catch more fish, it only matters if it catches fishermen.

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In the latest issue of Sport Fishing magazine there's an article by Mike Mazur entitled Toeing The Line, As technology surges ahead there's a fishing line for every occasion. The article features detailed knot strength tests for dozens of monos, fluoros and braids. A separate chart lists the cost per yard of all the lines tested.


Mike writes "But mono doesn't hold all the answers. Nylon absorbs water, and if monofilament has been submerged for 24 hours, it reaches a saturation point and begins to break down." "It can lose up to 30 % of its strength," says John DeVries, vice president of sales and marketing at Seaguar.


Mike continues "What monofilament doesn't always deliver, fluorocarbon can. Fluoro might appear like mono at first blush - but it's vastly different. Both stretch, but fluoro is less pliable, and it does not absorb water like mono. It also repels chemicals and ultraviolet light, and will not turn brittle in cold temperatures. Spill some sunscreen or gasoline on a spool of mono, and you've got a potential problem. But do the same on a spool of fluor, and there's nary a worry."


Interesting and informative article.

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Pros and Cons to all lines. Had a fluoro leader on a wacky rigged dinger. I believe it helped give the bait just the right sink rate that day. Kept that same leader on and while it didn't appear to be stressed or abrased it snapped at the knot while casting a crank (crank floated back to me). Don't think I like fluoro except for finesse presentations.


Been using Power Pro red the last two years (ultra clear and dirty water). I don't believe the color affected the fish one way or another. Made it easy to watch the line... Great sensitivity. However it took some getting used to, with wind knots, lighter drag, hooksets etc. Very much dislike the flaking of the coating and the weakening over time along with the extra stress it puts on your equipment if you don't have things tuned for it.


Have mono on a baitcaster and it sure was learning curve using that after using braid for the last two seasons. I think I like mono the best but may try another brand of braid next year.


Just my half a cent...

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