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Rockford Show


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It's that time of year again, and yes, it's the same weekend as the Blowout. The Rockford Show is March 4, 5, and 6, and we need enthusiastic bodies to man the ISA booth. Here's a link to the show's site: http://showtimeproduction.net/fishingexpo/


We need people all three days, and especially appreciate any volunteers on Saturday. If you're not attending the Blowout and have some free time Saturday, please consider helping out so Rich, Paul, and I can make it to the Blowout.


Friday 4-8:00


Saturday 10-6:00


Sunday 11-5:00


If you can help all or any part of any day, please post here so we can keep track. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, Mike and Bill! I'll help Rich out on Friday night, and Paul and I will cover Sunday. Our only issue is Saturday PM. If we don't get any volunteers for Sat PM, you guys will just have to close shop early.


Anybody out there want to help out Saturday from 2-6?


Rich...what time are you going to get there? I usually slide out of work at 3:00, but can bump that up to 2 or 3 if you need a hand setting up.


Rich, correct me if I'm wrong...we usually stash the signup sheets, etc under the table, and leave the passes at the front desk for the next day's volunteers.

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Guest rich mc

ill be all set up by 1pm . so just get there when you do, no hurry.


we leave the sign up binder but take any money and personal info along. that will get mailed to scott. before we send it we also need to copy the name,address andphone in case the mail gets lost. rich

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Mike and Bill: We're in the first row , on the right. There are two badges in the plastic bin under the table. The show sign up package includes what's on the sign, plus a pocket knife until they run out. Very slow night, no sign ups.

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Mike G and I worked the booth Saturday 10AM-2PM. Talked to alot of folks and handed out a stack of brochures and past newsletters. Had a good location with a variety of vendors in our "neighborhood". Our booth just prior to show opening:




Here's Mike signing up 2 of the 3 new members who joined the ranks of the ISA on Saturday:






Bill K

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Make it 4, Bill!


I just noticed that I am due for renewal and will be sending in my renewal with the rest of the applications.


I was surprised that we got so many signups in the first two hours. Two things were different this year. First, we did not have the official ISA shirts to wear. Could it be that our tee shirts made it easier for the average guy to relate? Do guys shy away from the ISA uniform because it reminds them of a DNR oficer? :rolleyes: Second, we were handing out old issues of the newsletter, and that really caught some eyes. Most attendees are out for free stuff, and resort owners, businesses, and guides use the show as a platform to distribute flyers and brochures. Since we did have to ration our supplies, we could not be as generous as the other exhibitors. A single sheet handout with an informational article like Eric's river fishing guide might be affordable and effective at getting attention at future shows.


BTW it was great to see the Rock River Fly Casters there. IMHO they had the best promo at the show--Show Special Annual Membership $10 (regularly $12) included free $10 in flies from the table. That's a $22 value for $10!

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Maybe the ISA should consider an "Outdoors Show special promo edition" of the Bronzeback Bulletin for the shows.


That is a thought. It could feature a collection of the best articles from past issues. Figuring that it costs something to produce an issue like that, maybe it could be something we would sell at the shows. I would buy one.

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I agree with Jim on the shirts. A t-shirt don't cut it.

I only suggested the special edition promo news letter to hand out because I thought it sounded like it could be a good idea if done right

which I'm sure would be done right if the ISA were to do something like that. Is it necessary? Not sure but something to maybe consider in the future.

I believe the whole idea of doing these sports shows is to promote our (the ISA) mission and to gain more members who believe in our mission

and would maybe like to take part in some of the things we do and stand for. The news letter (which is great) and fishing outings and meetings

with other members are just great pluses that come along with being a member.

The show in the Rockford area is attended by mostly bucket fishermen looking for as much free stuff as they can get their hands on. The area has been hit hard by the bad economy and most attendees complain more about the cost just to get into the show than anything. It's more of a "something to do" day for fishermen in the Rockford area.

I'm sure it was not intended to put any kind of negative focus on the RRFC. They maybe smaller than the ISA but they do practice and teach the same beliefs.

The Rock River Fly Casters is a local, smaller organization that is gaining members and does do a lot for conservation. For example from what I understand they did help out with the cost of the Boone County Conservation District stream-barb project. Whether this was grant money or private donation, I'm not sure. ISA member Paul S heads up that organization and could best answer any question.

Getting back to the shirts. I wish I would have known shirts were being sold at the Blowout. By the time I found out all of my money had been spent.:(

Where can I order one from?

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Maybe you guys weren't given the info about our show special and didn't know. We've had a sign that says "Show Special" on it showing 6 copies of the newsletter along with a box of baits for the last three years or so. It's supposed to be displayed at the front of the booth in an effort to draw people looking for a deal. At that point you can promote all of the good things about the ISA.


Unfortunately we were out of shirts at the Blowout but I think one of the officers has a connection to someone with the logo who will put it on any piece of clothing etc. So if you have a favorite shirt etc. you want embroidered they can do it. I'm sure someone will post here.

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The shirts we were getting are no longer available at the price we were paying. You can take any article of clothing to an "Embroid Me" store. The store in Shorewood, IL has our logo in 2 sizes on file. The Lombard location also has one. If you go to a different location, they MIGHT be able to get the digitized logo from the Lombard or Shorewood store. You'd have to ask. Expect to pay $10 to have it put on a shirt, hat or jacket that you bring in. If you buy a piece of clothing from them, it's like $7.50

If they can't/won't get the logo from another store, they will charge an additional $30 or $40 digitizing fee. That's pretty high just to do one piece.

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Take a deep breath, Jim.


I put that :rolleyes: in my post for a reason. Shirts were a throwaway intro to the topic of handouts for future outdoor shows. Handouts are what I think is the secret of our success at the show on Saturday.


Last year ISA provided shirts for the volunteers who worked the booth. They were not there this year. So Bill and I soldiered on. I want to think that, in spite or the tees, our professional performance carried the day.


Terry said,"The show in the Rockford area is attended by mostly bucket fishermen looking for as much free stuff as they can get their hands on. The area has been hit hard by the bad economy and most attendees complain more about the cost just to get into the show than anything. It's more of a "something to do" day for fishermen in the Rockford area."


That, I think gives a false impression of the Rockford show. The bucket brigade is present in force at every show in the state. And the economy is almost equally bad whereever you go in the state. Hey, till recently I lived in DuPage County. My move to Winnebago County was easy because the people are the same.


Terry did a good job of setting the record right on Rock River Fly Fishers. They have a lot going for them. Beating on them because of their size is unwarranted.


Back to basics. We had a good show. We recruited more members. I kidded about the shirts :rolleyes: What we need to get to is what we want to give out or sell at future shows.

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