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All good things come to an end...

John Loebach

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Years of support & the home of the area Bassbuggers. Joseph I can't thank you enough. Wish you the best in whatever you pursue, you have opened doors for many of our members. Your shop will be missed. See below notice:


"Store Closing Sale, everything must go.

We will be open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. every day except Christmas day

From Dec. 12 through 19 everything in the shop is 25% off

From Dec. 20 through Dec.24 everything in the shop is 40% off

We will make deals on whatever is left from Dec 26-Dec 31st.

Please, No phone calls or emails requesting that we "hold" product.

All Sales are final*

*Manufacturers warranties are still in affect


Thank you for supporting us since 1977.

For One More Cast Fly Shop,

Joseph Meyer"

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It is a sad day indeed when shops like this that can offer intelligent choices and information close.


Best wishes to Joseph in future endeavours.

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Very sorry to hear this news.


Joseph, you and OMC supplied the tools, the expertise and the generosity of spirit that embodies the best in our sport. I joined the ISA and soon became a customer of OMC a couple years ago. I will always be grateful for the ISA BassBugger nights, where my kid saw all types of pleasant people coming together and loving what they do, He learned so much about tying, he uses the skills he learned from you and the featured tyers to make his own flies, and shares his knowledge with kids his age. I now regret not attending more of those rewarding sessions. It combined a great host, warm setting and some of the nicest folks you'd ever want to spend time with. I never had to worry about exposing my boy to BassHoles!


We wish you the best that life can offer you, and we hope to see you again sometime.

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Joseph and his amazing technicolor fly shop have been a huge supporter of the ISA for a long time. His contributions went far beyond material things. Joseph opened his shop to many meetings and fly tying events throughout the years. His wealth of information was given freely either in person or over the phone. Joseph's time, knowledge and energy often went unrewarded. There were those that sought out to obtain as much information from him as possible only to purchase their fly fishing supplies elsewhere. Joseph surely wanted their business but even a simple 'I appreciate the time you've given me' would've been nice. There were even times when Joseph was harassed for promoting his fly shop openly on the ISA forums. I was disheartened when I found out about that.


Take this time to reflect on what Joseph has done for the ISA.


Take this time to reflect on what Joseph has done for you.


It's time to say 'thank you'.


I sincerely thank you Joseph.

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I am still in shock, disbelief, and depressed as all get out.

One More Cast with Joseph and Bob Davenport has been my fly tying home away from home for the last several years. I feel as if a part of me had been ripped out. Joseph and Bob taught me so much about fly tying and fly fishing and introduced me to Chris Helm and the deer hair bass bugs I so enjoy tying. Joseph, especially encouraged me to start demonstrating and teaching aboaut fly tying and provided a platform to do so at the Thursday Nite JAMS. Life will go on, but it will sure be different and I will greatly miss Joseph and Bob's regular friendship, expertise, and fun.


Thank you Joseph, thank you Bob


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Dale did a nice column today on the subject. Check it out.


While not a fly guy I did stop in the shop several times for off beat stuff and while Joseph couldn't directly help me he pointed me in the right direction and was just brimming with information. It's too bad the good things end sooner than we'd all like.

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was a shock to find out as well thanks to Joseph and bob getting me started

Joseph and Bob Davenport has been my fly tying home away from home as well as mentors with fly tying

I will miss going to your shop and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

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I wasn't able to attend many of the bass buggers meetings but I learned quite a bit when I was able to go. Joseph was a great teacher with a lot of patience. I appreciated the time he took with showing me a few things...he didn't have to. That's just the kind of person he was. He was very welcoming and kind to everyone. Joseph is very good at what he does. I have a feeling his teaching days aren't over. The shop might be...but his love of teaching and sharing will continue. I didn't know him as much as others, but I admire him...he took a lot of risk to open his business and worked hard at it. Good luck Joseph and thank you.

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