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    Just started fly tying, love to bow hunt and have hunted for 20 yrs, love fishing for everything from bluegill to carp, also enjoy bowfishing when the fish won't bite. I try to clean up the river to make it better for the future and enjoy the ISA activities.

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  1. I would attend but I plan to fulfill the guide trip I offered at the blow out on saturday. Conditions look good. If not I will be there.
  2. I'm going to chime in here and go with Eugene on this one. Perhaps invasive introductions are inevitable, however, there could have been more done to prevent the escape of asian carp by enforcing very strict governement regulations. Same with zebra muscles...the balast water that shipping ships use could have been better regulated; this may have slowed down the introduction. In any case, the problem of invasives can be controlled but not prevented when proper actions are taken. The difficult part is funding...which again is the government's realm of control. The sad part of this is there are so many problems occuring simultaneously that priorties need to be established to decide which problem money is going to be allocated to. The future of these fish is unpredictable. However, the truth of invasives is very real; without control, they can and do take over water ways. Snakeheads (imported for aquariums) are one such invasive that will outcompete almost every freshwater fish...no one predicted that the release of this fish would have been so devastating. There was also an episode of River Monsters where the fresh water pacu took over....they were so competetive that the vegetarian pacu evolved into a carnivore....accepting meat as an alternative. As a result of their introduction, the native crocodile numbers were decreasing due to habitat loss...the vegetation served as nurseries for the young. People may have the ability to erradicate terrestrial species if the pressure was high enough...(look at the passager pigeon, buffalo etc), however,aquatic invasives are SO adaptable and spread so fast that even the best efforts will simply contol them...not erradicate them. They cover too much realestate. I like to think Asian carp (or any invasive) can be controlled with the right price tag on their head. If there was a bounty for them at a dollar per fish, I know I would be out there scooping 'em up. You can easily get 100 fish per day...on some days....100 fish per hour! Then again, do they truly outcompete other fish? That hasn't been proven but with enough numbers, I believe they can destroy the food chain that many natives rely on for proliferation. As a filter feeder, there is a lot of damage it can do to a number of species...muscles, clams, and fish fry for sure. Man made evolution....scary isn't it. I think the best we can do is to get more people to join conservation groups such as the ISA and put forth our best efforts.
  3. 7-830 Naper Set5tlement Visitor Center $5.00 Dan will display is collection of historic fishing tackle that spans more than 5000 years. He will be available to appraise items. registration recommended but tickets are available at the door.
  4. I'm not certain how this will play into conservation but it seems that it makes sense and may be another step in the right direction. Awareness of how water is managed, utilized, and conserved all plays a part in the future of our water ways...feel free to comment..... HB3372 Amends the Counties Code. Provides that a county board in a metropolitan county located in the area served by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, or Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, Kankakee, Grundy, LaSalle, DeKalb, Kendall, or Boone county, that has adopted a stormwater management plan may adopt a schedule of fees applicable to real property within the county that benefits from the county's stormwater management facilities and activities. Sets forth the circumstances under which a fee schedule may be adopted and the uses for the fees. Caps the fees at the same limit as an authorized stormwater tax that has been approved by referendum in the county. Provides that the county shall give land owners at least 2 years' notice of the fee during which time the county shall provide education on green infrastructure practices and an opportunity to take action to reduce or eliminate the fee. Further provides that a fee waiver shall be included for property owners who have taken actions or put in place facilities that are approved by the county that reduce or eliminate the cost of managing runoff. Provides that the county may enter into intergovernmental agreements with other bodies of government for the joint administration of stormwater management and collection of the fees. Provides that if a county adopts a fee schedule and has existing debt repayments to make, the remainder of that debt may be paid with proceeds from a tax imposed for stormwater management purposes. Effective immediately.
  5. Are the carp spawning yet or is it too cold. I haven't been out yet to check....often I bowfish the rivers but if there is action on the lake I'm sure the rivers are getting ready... Any advice? What about flies....any in particular work well this time of year?
  6. Hi guys, thanks for the advice. I actually signed my dad up for a club....like ISA but for RC planes! Who woulda thought!? I like the simulator idea....that would've been perfect but he doesn't have a computer.
  7. Yep the title is right...my dad is retiring and I wanted to give him something he always wanted....he always wanted to learn how to fly remote control airplanes. Anyone willing to give him lessons? I'm offering 10 per session using your gear. With your guidance your equipment should be safe. Lombard area. Jim
  8. If I read this right...this money will be allocated toward things like stream banks and habitat preservation. Another possible step in the right direction. If this passes it would be a good idea to watch how the money is allocated. Illinois House Bill 1082 http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=1082&GAID=11&SessionID=84&LegID=56900 Synopsis As Introduced Amends the Counties Code. Provides that Boone, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kankakee, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, or Will county may levy an annual tax for farmland preservation easement and green redevelopment purposes. Provides that the tax may not exceed 0.05% of the equalized assessed value of taxable property in the county. Provides that the tax must be approved by referendum. Provides that the tax may be discontinued by referendum. Provides that a referendum to levy or discontinue the tax may be initiated by a petition signed by a number of electors equal to at least 0.5% of the total number of votes cast in the county during the last preceding gubernatorial election. Provides that the proceeds of the tax shall be paid into two separate funds, the county farmland preservation easement fund and the green redevelopment fund. Sets forth the ways in which the proceeds of the funds shall be used.
  9. Well, it certainly didn't take long....the state bumped up the fees to buy a deer tag. Fees will be going up and state parks will again be funded by fisherman and hunters. Maybe a jogger or biker, or picnicker, ect. should be required to buy a state park tag and all outdoorsman with a license would be exempt. Just like fishing licenses, a visitor can be checked for their "park user fee" license...if they don't have it when checked they should get a fine just like the rest of us.
  10. I plan to come out. I won't make it for breakfast but I'll be out there to help. Jim
  11. There are always two sides of a coin....you just hope that the side you pick is more beneficial than the other. In this case there is an upside....for people who do not buy fishing licenses, an entrance fee would be a means for them to pay their fair share....maybe. It still comes down to enforcement though. I was thinking about this earlier today, for all laws we have....if no one is around to enforce the laws, what makes someone follow them besides their own conscious? Unfortunately, many people these days are not ethical nor honest...if that were the case we wouldn't need any regulations nor fees. I do agree that politicians need a pay cut.
  12. Maybe not tying smallies to cancer...maybe erectile dysfunction...that would get some attention!
  13. I agree with Rich that money in this state has been spent irresponsibly. I for one would have been the first to knock down this proposal. However, I believe that the future depends on responsible spending. With new leadership it's going in the right direction but slowly. I like the dedicated fund idea as long as it is truely dedicated. I was in Minnesota and they had a yearly sticker that cost $25.00. In Atlanta Georga I paid a daily fee of $3.00. Personally I can go either way on this....but I have to have hope. Ever since I was a kid the fishing really stunk in Illinois. Now the resources are better and we have more people using them. I think there are several cuts that the state can still make if they chose to. But just like natural resources, the cost in human resources are going up as well. I think what will happen if this doesn't go through is that there will be an increase on fees for Hunting and Fishing licenses anyway. I too, agree with Rich on the cuts at Shabbona....if Shabbona increases the fees, then the park should be financed better...not cut MORE! I think he has a perfect example on why this bill would be a bad idea. I for one have been writing for years to get the outhouse removed and rebuilt at Shabbona. I'm still waiting for a response on why that hasn't happened yet. I really don't know what the answer is but I do know natural resources need financing and not from just fisherman and hunters. I too, agree that if people have to pay a fee, people will respect the park more. I also agree that there is a lack of enforcement and personnel. There needs to be a stronger presence of Conservation Police officers. Just go to Wisconsin...they don't take crap from anyone and they mean business...they will check you and enforce violations. That's what I think many of us would like to see here in Illinois. I think an increased presence of CPO's would greatly improve public opinion.
  14. http://www.prairiestateoutdoors.com/index.php?/pso/article/legislator_proposes_entrance_fees_for_parks/ http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=181&GAID=11&SessionID=84&LegID=54761 If you are for state park fees contact your representative and say yes to HB0181. I feel that it's over due....more people equals more use of our resources. It shouldn't just be paid by hunters and fisherman. If not, you can tell your representative that you don't support it. I think it's a good idea. Maintenance and programs cost money....that's the bottom line. In my opinion, if you want cleaner parks, less pollution, better fishing....this is a good idea.
  15. Thanks for posting this! Here is also a website on sewage sludge biproducts from factory farms....http://sludgefacts.org/
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