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Mom Passed Away Early This Morning


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Well . . . after 97 years of living, culminating in a couple years of intermediate dementia, my Mother passed away early this morning. The lady and my Dad were instrumental in developing my interest in fishing early on. So now I carry on their legacy by sharing my fishing "expertise" with my four young grandsons.


The eldest of the four (age 5) shared some choice thoughts with me today as he consoled Grandpa . . . "God and Jesus came down her to take Great Grandma up to heaven where they will take very good care of her." He continued, "When my heart is done beating after 97 years, then I will be very excited to go up to heaven to see her again." Needless to say, that brought tears to my eyes. He may just end up a Lutheran pastor!


With grandsons age 5, two age 3, and one age 3 weeks, I have many years ahead (I hope) to educate them all about the fabulous sport of fishing for and catching the prize fish species on earth . . . the bronzeback . . . after which we quickly release the catch. So far, the 5-year-old has caught and released four bluegills. Will move him up to smallies in a few years.

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Steve, sorry to hear about your mom. I am very sympathetic to your situation as both my parents are in their 90's. I know it will not be easy when their day eventually comes, but I feel extremely lucky to have had as much time with them as I have. I hope you feel the same.

Condolences, Ron

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