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Vote For Jude!


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The Winnebago County Forest Preserve District will soon be governed by a brand new Board of Commissioners. Up 'til now, the District has been governed by a committee of the County Board. In an attempt to remove politics from the picture, the state has agreed to recognize a newly elected seven member board. Thirty-five people have thrown their hats in the ring, and I am one of them.


I think you guys know how much I love the Kish (which happens to meander through a bunch of our parks) and other moving water, so I won't bore you with a campaign "schpiel". There is a list of candidates and our responses to some specific questions here: http://www.wcfpd.org/candidates/ I really need your help to spread the word that an avid fisherman and paddler is on the ballot. If you visit other fishing or paddling or conservation sites, please give me a plug.


If any of you Winnebago County guys live near a busy street and wouldn't mind a sign, PM me your address and I'll drop one by. Thanks in advance....Jude

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It is getting close to voting time. I have gotten recommendations from Jude and waded through the 35 responses on the County Website. First I took Jude's recommendations then I went to the responses to select the rest. Here are my 7 choices and why:


Jude Torre



Mike Eickman

Jude Endorsed


Lee Johnson

Jude Endorsed


Judith Barnard

Former WC board member

Lots of plans

Concerned for youth


Daniel Williams

Land advisory council chairman

Expansionist in regards to acquiring more properties


Tom Hawes

Roscoe TWP Supervisor

Good Park Experience


Lenae Weichel


Grant application writer


It is not too late to tell me who I missed or where I am off base.

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