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Kankakee outing - 2pm Sat. 8/14

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Guest airbornemike

I fished Warner bridge this morning and as usual for me on this water it was tough, I had two really nice blow ups swing'n a popper but couldn't stick em. I may try tomarro, heres what she looked like today.



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Have to work. Fastest water I can find with a jig/pig has been best for about 2 weeks. Play the shade if sunny. Waterwillows may produce if some depth on outside edge. If fast water doesn't do it, the fish can go where they want with this flow rate, search baits rattlebaits, cranks, spinnerbaits to find them, then go to plastics if you like.

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Smokin' hot day.

Managed to scratch out 3 tiny smallmouth on a 5" plastic worm.

Threw everything in the vest in shallow and deep water.

Found them in the rapids after a deeper push.

Got a mammoth hit on a 1 oz. spinnerbait in deeper water about 10 feet out from the opposite bank under the shade of a tree....as it hit the water and I began the roll. Probably pulled it right out of it's mouth. Oh well.

Some photos and a short video:



Thanks for setting this up, Ed!


Ed, John Loebach, Jim Bielecki, Matt Vaccaro(sp?), Chris Serafin, Jim Kast and myself.


Oh, and I went against my better judgement and wet waded today...but only after covering the legs in waterproof sunscreen.

Had to traverse a long stretch of woodland to get to my spot and borrowed a few shots of Deep Woods Off from a guy fishing near the trail head.


That was a big mistake.

Insect repellent + blazing hot sun + sweat= a freaking burning hot mess on my arms and neck!


Couldn't carry enough water to stay hydrated today, and I'm accustomed to being in this weather all day every day at work.


I still wouldn't have rather been anywhere else on this day than on the water.

Just what the doctor ordered after a really tough summer.

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uuggggh, tough day for me. Zero bites, or visuals of fish being active. I went up and down the willows with a crank (craw and shad types), inline spinners, and topwater Pop-R's....nothing. Long time to wade in the heat with a hangover! :(


Oh well, the river looks good, today was just not my day.


Thanks for hosting ISA,



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Jim Kast,Mike H and Don R showed up after we separated.John Loebach Matt and I each had one on with a quick release and that was it,I'm not sure what Jim,Mike or Don did.Other than that it was hot.

I really did like the idea of an afternoon/evening outing however next time we will start more toward evening.


Ed Buric

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I fished the backside of an island and got 2, missed 4. I too tried several baits...I lost one on a popper, lost one on a craw crank, had a follow on the craw crank and lost one on a jig...I don't think any were hooked. The two I got were a 10 and a 12. All hits were in slack water...nothing in fast water, and nothing near the water willows. The jig I used was a white hair jig. I use it a lot on the Dupe...I thought I'd give it a try on the Kank...this was my first time fishing the Kank. The hair jig works well when you're working upstream if it doesn't fall too fast. Nice day to be out...water was clean and stable. Thanks again Chris for driving; it was great to meet you and share the drive. I was hoping to get some numbers today....Lots of work for two fish. The fish I landed were very agressive, I saw one come and hit the jig and the other exploded on the popper. Seems like the fish are scattered. Either that or piled up in a deep hole somewhere...the water was very warm. Later in the evening the water seemed to cool a degree or two in the shaded west side of the river. With all of us fishing we covered a lot of water. I wish we got into numbers because then you can build confidence by knowing that you're doing something right. Thanks for setting up this outing Ed. I too liked the p.m. outing....I'm not much of a morning person. B)

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