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swim jig ?


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I recently bought 2 swim jigs from Brovarney. My spinnerbait heads and football head jigs take a beating from rocks. I really wouldnt care if i stricly fish the river. But im a member at private lakes that are super clear, im talking visibility up to 15 feet. I plan on using these swim jigs at both places and really dont want my swim jig heads to be all chipped. If i took some clear fly head cement and put it on the heads would that toughen it up? Or is this process pointless? <_<


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I think it only matters to the guy holding the rod. For years, I made all my own jigs and never painted them. I really believe the fish don't care at all. Of all the things that go in to making fish bite, I believe color is the least important.

Having said that, one thing I do think is VERY important is confidence. If YOU think color is important and you have more confidence in one color over another or If you believe fish prefer un-chipped paint, you will catch more fish on baits you believe in. If your jig is chipped, and you think it matters, you'll probably give up on it sooner and switch to that fresh bait that you will work harder and longer which will produce more bites.

When fishing clear water, I tend to fish faster moving baits so as not to give fish time to examine my offering too closely.

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I've been bouncing Brovarney swim jigs off of river rocks for years. They are pretty tough, but the paint will chip. I'm not sure if giving them an extra coating will make any difference. I know the river smallies don't care what the paint looks like.


If you're that worried about it, save them for the lake because they catch tons of fish there, too. Better yet, go back to Brovarney's site and ask Dan or Casey what they think. BTW.... there will be three boxes of swim jigs to try to snatch up at the Blowout. Quite a nice assortment I must say!

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We make swim jigs as well. Our heads are powder painted and then cooked in a toaster oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. This baking makes them very, very tough. Will they chip..............maybe. But I can say that I have taken my jig heads after painting and whipped them on my blacktop driveway repeatedly and I was able to dent the lead, but not able to chip the paint.

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Fly head cement isn't very tough. That is why a lot of tyers use Sally Hanson's Tough as Nails clear nail polish on fly heads. For what you want I would go a little further. Sometimes I coat painted jig heads and spinnerbait heads with 2 part epoxy from the hardware store. Now that is tough though it is said to yellow over time. If that is a problem for you, Flex - Coat makes a 2 part epoxy for rod making that is formulated not to yellow. Get that from sources for rod building supplies. As Jonn points out well cured powder paint might even be tougher. But I think you want to retrofit some jigs you already have.

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One could get a smallie to bite a corn cobb if the retrieval cadence and location was right.


For aethetics, Idon't like chipped paint. The fish don't seem to care.


Anglers can get into their own heads on things like this.

Hmmm..... Walking the corncob? Now that sounds like a challenge. <_<

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I actually saw some guys fishing with corn cobs many years ago.

We were fishing off a bridge way back in a now-closed section adjacent to the Kankakee River.

They'd reach back and sling them as hard as they could.

Not sure what was stuffed in the cobs, fishing was slow and the fog was so thick we couldn't see the water below the bridge....or anything else, for that matter.

Their rods were thick as a roll of nickles.

Carp? Cats?

No idea...

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Perhaps the cobs were makeshift bobbers? Sorry, I mean 'floats'. ;)

Actually, now that I think about it more, I believe they might very well have been "floats".

I think they used empty beer cans for floats as well.....seriously.


Just curious, Don.

Were you fishing adjacent to a farmer's field that enabled that corn to "fall" into the river?

I mean.....it didn't fall from the sky, right?


Sorry Ryne.

Winter brings with it interesting side roads around here.

We'll find the main path again eventually.


So, about that corn again, Don...

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