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How Many Use Scent Additives?

Mike Clifford

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Just curious how many of you spray or dip your plastics, etc. with scent.

If so, what kind?


The reason I ask is because I got schooled by a guy at the Kankakee outing, and I could only figure it might have been the scent he adds.

We were standing 10 feet apart, fishing the same stretch, with the same lures.

He was getting bit quite well....me, nothing.


Must have that chemical in my skin that repels fish, or something.

No wonder Garlic Chompers work so well for me! (Didn't have any with that trip).


Do you scent?

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I never got into scents - just another thing to lug around, but my brother used it a lot on his jigs this past week when I was in Florida. It is almost a confidence thing with him. I think it was some kind of crawfish scent as well.


The YUM crawbugs have a nice scent. I swear Don R. dabs a little behind his ears when he's out with the ladies. It seems to work for them as well.

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I experimented with various scented add on products years ago and didn't think that it made any difference at least for bass. For channel cats nothing beats fresh cutbait.


Mike ,


The difference could have come from anything from different diameter line causing differences in sink rate to the other guy presenting the lure on a slightly different angle or any number of other factors.


Then again maybe it was just his day.Why does one batter go 4 for 4 and another 0 for 4 against the same pitcher?

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In my original response I neglected to add anything that increases your confidence that you will catch fish is worth doing. Even putting your left foot in your waders first. ;)

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I use scent often. I find I use it more to cover up my smells ( bug spray/sun block/foods). I make it easy by putting a few plastics in a baggie and putting a few drops in it. This also seems to soften some baits up a bit. My favorite is to dip plastics in char. spike it to add some color and sent in low vis. water. Leaving for Ky. lake tonight/looking for that 6lb smb/and some warmer weather/ Good fishin Raymond k

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Scents- how would anyone know if they worked? It's like the existence of life on other planets. Thus possibly a perfect marketing ploy. I gave them up. They can be clunky, heavy, and messy. Petrolium jell 'dopes'seem less likely to just wash off once the bait hits water.


I use garlic markers for the color more than the scent. Almost convinced myself some red or orange on the end of the tube tail can make a difference.



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It took me years to finally give in.


In my experience, scents work. I only use them on my soft plastics. At first I didn't buy into it. Then I thought that they only cover scent. I have field tested both ways for 20+ years. The fish most definitely hang on longer to scented baits giving you those extra seconds to set the hook. I find it more important on Largemouth than Smallmouth. I think largemouth overall "bite" lighter. You don't get the same "thunk" as Bterrill would put it. It seems more crucial on light bite days when fish aren't hammering the bait.


Just last week I was fishing a stream and throwing a jig & pig I had just tied on, no scent. Fished a likely spot, not a whiff. On the 5 or 6 cast, I dunked the jig in some "Smelly Jelly" crawfish. On the next cast, fish chased and nipped my bait all the way back too my feet. Next several cast's caught 3 smallies. Did I cast or move the lure differently because of confidence? Maybe, but I don't think so.


You be the judge.


Go to your local pond full of greenies. Throw a texas rig worm no scent. Count how long 4 - 5 fish hold on to it (don't set the hook). Now take and dip the worm and try again on 4 - 5 fish. You'll be sold and if your not, your out $2.50.


Note: Dicks has 10+ different scents of the Smelly Jelly clearanced for $2.47 at least in our neck of the woods.



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I too was very stubborn about "scented" products. Yes, L-M changed my thinking especially w/ the Power Bait worms vs. unscented

baits about 10 years ago. The fish @ the local ponds were pounding these things - a "THUNK" and then a chunk on the end of my string. Naturally my confidence soared. The fish were very responsive. We even started squirting extra Power Bait scent onto the baits & the bullet weights & Florida Rig screw-lock weights.


For Smallies - I use some salted & scented baits - don't notice that big of a difference other than as previously stated - hold time on a

bait. A 3-4 inch Power Craw or salted XYZ bait seems to entice fish to hold it longer and I can wake up from day-dreaming to set the hook in time to catch them.

I use Power Bait Crawfish scent for L-M, sometimes on smallies. Big fan of salt & garlic Chommpers, FLW skirted grubs, MR Twister

Exude (baby barf scented-yummy!) baits. If I'm in "the zone", I could throw Yamamoto Hula Grubs w/ the same success. I believe some of it is confidence but also how the bite comes across is really good for

the ego.



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