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Spring Mushroom Hunting

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The morel hunting season is a wrap as I found my last fresh edible ones about a week ago. With all the rain we received this spring, it was an average to above average for morels. Way above average for oyster and chicken of the woods mushrooms. I found way more of those, than I could carry out of the woods.  I'm currently drying oven racks full of them.  I found my first morel on 4/15 in Lasalle county and my last good one 5/7 in Winnebago County.  Two to three weeks is about average for a morel season. It can be extended by traveling south early and a little north later in the season.  I only fished once during that mushroom hunting time period. It's a perfect time to take a break and the morels sync up with the bass spawn pretty well.276.jpg277.jpg273.jpg274.jpg275.jpg278.jpg

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Despite all the bushwhacking for fishing over the years and just playing in the outdoors as a kid I've never really encountered many ticks. This year is different!!

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