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Yellow Sign Planting, NWR

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Hey Dudes of the Northwest Region,

We will be Yellow Sign  planting on Saturday, March 25.  9am. Meet for breakfast at Cherry Valley Cafe before heading out. Plan to try and hit the Belvidere area. Stick a Post-A-Note on your wife’s forehead so you won’t forget. 

Who all's coming?




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April 2, 2023 - Members of the ISA NWR got out after the storms and planted some signs along the banks of the Kishwaukee River in Boone County. Paul T, Kevin C, Joe R and myself careful maneuvered  through the destruction path of an EF-1 tornado that passed through the Belvidere area on Friday evening of March 31st. The path of destruction was littered with up rooted trees that would have blocked many of the roads making passage difficult to impossible if we would have tried on this on Saturday, April 1.

Prior to this planting event, Paul delivered 15 yellow signs to, Terry H. of Dekalb Co. Forest Preserve, upon his request, I also delivered, 10 yellow signs to FPWC upon their request. Kevin C. set up a deal with the City of Rockford and will be planting 6 signs in and around the Rockford dam area and other city parks on the Rock River, including one new park just below the dam on the east bank of the Rock. Joe R. took 4 signs that he will be posting shortly in areas he sees fit along the Dupage River and other areas in that region. All in all we managed to distribute and post a total 40 signs by the afternoon of April 2. 2023. The Northwest Region is now blanketed with ISA/IDNR Yellow Signs.   



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6 hours ago, gordon p said:

Thanks gents.  Terry, is that an "action pose"  ???

Yeah, pretty much. We were struggling to get a pic of us all. I ended up using the Timer on my phone propped up against a fallen tree limb on the ground. Then I had to sprint back to get in the shot. It’s hard to look normal after an 8 yard sprint. 

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