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Secret Weapon

Tom L

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This was my secret weapon on the Menominee trip this year.  90% of the fish I caught on the trip were on this fly, fished by itself.  It is basically a CF Muddler in olive, yellow, and orange combo.    I'd never have much luck fishing this fly on the Fox but the Menominee's smallies couldn't resist it.  I noticed that Alan Sherman had good success fishing a bad-hair-day in the same colors scheme prior year while we were fishing together.   It was amazing to see big smallies hit the fly as soon as it hit the water or chased after it on the flats in few inches of water.  May be the fly looks like a baby perch, a walleye or a sculpin  to the Menominee's smallies.



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Tail = Craft Fur (CF)

Body = Craft Fur (CF)

Flash = Krytal Flash or Flashabou

Head = Deer Hair or Deer Body Hair (spun Muddler style)

Hook = Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 or 1.

CF Muddler is short for Craft Fur Muddler. Hope that helps.  Very easy fly to tie.

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