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Video : 12 Fly Fishing Things You Don't Need

Scott Ferguson

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You don't need a koozie (neoprene beverage can insulator) when the air temp is low enough to sustain water in it's solid phase. I work with a group of very nice folks all with really advanced science degrees who still take up precious refrigerator space by putting an entire lunch cooler bag in there.  

He does touch a nerve. hobbies get out of control. @3:35 hoarding old gear.  It's hard to let go of stuff that you pretty much should have not bought in the first place.



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Well I found it faulty advice to not needing a set of waders.. Caught a real nasty infection on a cut in the fox and I was wearing Waders.. I know a lot of wet waders but in urban waters with millions of gallons of effluent water every time it rains hard and storm drains  connecting everywhere, which is never treated... Waders may be an option to consider, just saying..LOL Was very entertaining (some Sage Advice) see some fly fishing pun from a spin guy! stay warm and healthy..


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