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Kish Wade Outing, 6/24/17

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June 24, Saturday - Wade Outing (Kish)

Don’t think for a minute that the NW Region does the same old thing each and every time.
This time we are going to mix it up and kick-off this outing at the 11th St. Cafe on the south end of Rockford, IL. at 7:00 AM. in morning.
Then we will break into groups and wade fish the beautiful Kishwaukee River.
11th. St. Cafe is located at 6030 11th St, Rockford, IL 61109.



With the gages running high and still on the up & up, and rain forecasted throughout the week,

you should note that conditions are not looking very frickin' favorable for this outing.

It could turn into a float outing. We'll have to wait and see.

You can track the weather > HERE

And watch the level > HERE

I seriously doubt it will drop enough for a wade outing, but hey, you just never know.



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The PRY12 gage is at 7.59ft as of 7:30am Wednesday, June 21.

With rain in the forecast (82%) for Thursday night/Friday morning, I really don't see that the

conditions will be favorable for a wade outing.

I say we plan for a float and hope that we don't receive heavy rain fall Thur/Fri.


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