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Early Show 16

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Its almost time for The Early Show, this is the 6th time on 11/13/16 again at Mayslake mansion in Oakbrook. I hope you will join us again for Chicago’s only all fly fishing & tying show. Please post or pm if you can help run the show or if you want to tie. We need to come up with 8 or more tyers, you will be able to step out & see a seminar or visit the other booths. Less than a whole day is OK too.



ISA Early Show

John Loebach

Fly Fishing Director

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Speaker Schedule for the show.


  • 10:00 Mike Jacobs – Iowa smallmouth bass
  • 11:00 Israel Dunn – Kayak fishing for carp & musky
  • 12:00 Javier Guevara - Ecuador trips, tarpon & peacock bass.
  • 1:00 Abe Downs - Northern Wisconsin river musky & bass.
  • 2:00 Bill Scherer – Musky on the fly
  • 3 00 Kyle Zempel Fishing the crash – Wisconsin smallmouth bass.
  • 4:00 Austin Aducci – Kankakee bass, Lake Michigan carp
  • 4:30 Raffle draw


Spey casting presentation by Doug Taylor, Sage pro staff at 11:30 am & 2 :30 pm

Drift FFF certified casting instruction 10:30 to 12:30, 1:30 to 3:30pm

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312flyfish Tv – Chris Slywka


Badger Tenkara – Matt Sment


Coren’s Rod & Reel – Eric Heckman


Driftless Angler – Matt Wagner

608/637-8779 www.driftlessangler.com

Dupage Fly Fishing Co. – Jeremy Spaccapaniccia

630/857-3468 www.dupagefly.com

Flies by Rich – Rich McElligott


Great Lakes Fly Fishing – Glen Blackwood


Hawkeye Fly Tyer – Mike Jacobs


Historical Fish Displays – Dan Basore


Maxxon Outfitters – Norm Hartmann


OBTU – Stan Zarnewecki

Orvis – Zeph Micheals


Rocktown Adventures – Kevin Versino


Streamside Furled Leaders – Mike Moline


Whitetail Fly Tieing – Nancy Richardson



Austin Adduci – Grab Your Fly Charters


Isreal Dunn – Shorebound Hero LLC


Abe Downs – Blackwater Fly Fishing


Javier Guevara Ecuador Flyfishing


Bill Scherer Boulder Junction


Kyle Zempel – Black Earth Angling Co.


Rod Builders

Jeff Fox, Brian Smith, Dennis Higham, Ron Barch

Bamboo rod building demo

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I am going to be volunteering at FOBAB (Festival of Barrel Aged Beers) in the City on Saturday from 9 to 6, then I will be attending the event as a consumer from 6-??. I doubt that I will make it to the Early Show this year, but if, in the unlikely event that I wake up feeling like a spring chicken I will come hang out and tie some flies.



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this years show had a lot to offer. thanks to cory and alan i was able to get a great brat for lunch and check out bill sherer making some awesome dubbing brushes. the seminars must have been well attended as you could tell when a talk was on the halls emptied. well done john! rich mc

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