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Waders vs. Paddling Pants

Gregg S

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Paddling pants are like waders without feet. You can try to go waterproof on the feet or not, depending on the weather and your preference.

I asked because I don't like being wet or cold, and often wear waist high waders in my kayak. I am a little concerned that this could be a drowning hazard if dumped.They also tend to hold air pockets, which can be uncomfortable.

I did take a dramatic spill one time with chest waders (with a waist belt). Even though I was in the water a minute or two, I was dry. No water got in, but it got me thinking.


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If its too cold to wet wade I'm in waders, If not I'm wet wading. Never had an issue with waders in a kayak and and I don't believe them to be a drowning hazard, especially if you're wearing a belt.



Here is perfect demonstration. I also find mine to be very comfortable but that comes down to preference. I personally stick with breathable stockingfoots that have enough space for me to move.

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