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Was Afraid This Might Happen

Terry Dodge

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I wouldn't worry Terry. I don't see many people dropping 6k on a solo "kayak" that you can't lift solo. Looks cool though :)


I disagree. I see this a a threat to small river fishing in the future.

As far as lifting, that's what trailers are made for. Many of todays kayaker's use trailers now.

I saw two kids on Judge Judy yesterday fighting over a 17 hundred dollar pair of sneakers, so I don't see the 6k cost being an issue.

I agree that it does look cool and I have pictured myself zooming up and down the Kish in it. At 32mph I could probably put in at the mouth at

the Rock and zoom up to the Belvedere dam in about a half hour to 45 minutes, but then I think, "So could any other idiot." and that's what worries me.

I can see 'em now towing tubers on the Kish in one of those.

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Silent sports are going to get more crowded. Nice idea but how about a boat on plane scooting past you in a narrow pool? Like jet skis they are subject to the judgement of the driver. Years ago Mokai made a jet yak that the power unit seperated for loading. I do think they are made for flats fishing with long runs to fish. Keep em on salt water.

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