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Sunset on the Illinois River

John Gillio

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Thanks guys, I missed a great shot of about 9 geese in V formation flying in low between the trees. It's still a vivid picture in my mind. I also missed a large flock of pelicans circling above the river. They drifted off before I could dig out the camera. At one time there were about ten vultures circling also. Lots of gulls flying buy, and a couple of kingfishers too. Didn't see an eagle. That is unusual for this spot. They are usually around.



Red sky at night, sailors' delight...... very nice shots !


What's swimming there, a 'skrat or an otter?

Rob, I believe it was Bucky Beaver. There was a large beaver swimming around upstream not long before I took this shot downstream. The mammal in the photo was way to big to be a 'skrat.

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Great pictures John.

How's the Illinois fishing John? Might be visiting these next couple weekend's.

From shore the fishing has been hit and miss the past two weeks. The boat guys may be doing better as they can fish the deep pools when the fish drop back off the shore. When they are on, most are running from 14"-20". Even had some males in the 18"-19"range. Seem to be more walleye in the river too. Maybe one out of every 10 fish or so. Haven't seen any eyes over the 20" mark. Water has risen and dirtied some with the recent rain but is still in good condition. Showers and maybe severe weather predicted for Tuesday.


Glad you guys enjoyed the sunsets. They have been exceptional as of late.

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