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So was Santa good to you?

Rob G

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So was Santa good to you and did he stuff any new rods, reels, or other fishing gear down the chimney this year in answer to your wish list?


Though we have not one but two fireplaces, he decided Bass Pro/Gander Mountain gift cards were easier to shove under the door....... and I can live with that :)

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:) Santa brought a number of fish/ fishing related gifts this year. We have no fireplaces, but he did manage to get in a nice jacket with an embroidered brown trout on it, a rainbow trout pen, a Bass Pro Shops gift card, two cans of KIng Oscar sardines in olive oil for Sardine Monday (long story behind that one), and a more manly photo album for my brag book (I thought the dragonflies on the front of the old one were manly enough. Apparently I was wrong.).

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Santa doesn't stop at my place any more . All he left me were credit card bills , so I used some 12 gauge persuasion to cease and desist.


Actually the kids are all grown, the wife and I have been together over thirty years. We decided to stop buying for each other.


Instead we spend the money on making home made cookies for seniors living in assisted care facilities,, seeing the joy on their faces is all the return we need. In addition we buy goods to donate to shelters/food pantries[ people and animal] as we prefer to give directly to those who serve the needy . That eliminates anything going to administrative costs .


Helping those in need is much better for the soul than trudging thru stores trying to find something that you haven't given your mate over yea those many years .


We don't think it's the only way to celebrate the holidays, everyone should follow their own traditions, practices and beliefs .

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Nicely done Norm maybe that in addition to probably close to 300 days a year on the water the river gods have been soo good to you this year.... My wife & I were able to gather a few other like minded families with children to sing Christmas carols to the elderly at a senior citizen home. They loved it and thier smiles & kind words made it all worth it. Have a safe and happy new year!



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