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NW Region Outings

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June 27 - Kishwaukee River Wade: Cancelled due to high waters


July 18 - Apple River wade outing: Cancelled due to an unforeseen schedule conflict.



The June 27 Kishwaukee River wade out has been rescheduled in place of the July 18 Apple River outing cancelation.



With a little luck, I hope we can get all this darn-tootin rain to stop, allowing us to step foot in water in search of the

mightiest fish that swims.... our beloved smallmouth bass.

Mother Nature has not been all that nice to us this year and I know many of you are itching to get out and get a smallmouth on.

Paul T has run into a conflict schedule with his work and hosting the Apple River out, so therefore I am rescheduling the

Kishwaukee River Wade Outing that was cancelled in June.



July 18 Kishwaukee River Wade Outing

Again we'll meet at Cherry Valley Cafe ( https://plus.google....out?gl=us&hl=en ) @ 7:30am.
After breakfast and smallmouth talk, we'll break into groups and fish both north and south branches of the Kish.
Note: Don't forget your CHUG-BUG!

Contact Terry Dodge for more info > http://illinoissmall...hp?showuser=877

Please post here or contact me if you plan to attend this Kishwaukee River Wade Outing on July 18.

The Apple Outing may be rescheduled for an August date. Keep an eye on the Forums or contact Paul T.

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Kishwaukee River condition: Kishwaukee River Wade Outing, July 18, 2015.


The water level at the PRY12 Gage, as of 7/9/15, is cresting @ 7.98ft. as I post this.

Truthfully, this is not good. There is a chance for thunderstorms this coming Sat, Sun, and Mon. for the area, and this too is not good.

I am still holding on to hope, but there is this feeling of doubt that seems to be clinging on to my hope.

My personal feeling is that if the PRY12 is not reading 6.30ft. come the 18th., then this wade outing will probably not happen, due to unsafe levels.

With that being said, a float could be possible as long as the level is not higher than 7.80ft.

I'll know more come Tuesday morning (7/14/15) after the storm chances have passed.

It's been a tough year, and I know everybody is itching to get out, but I just felt it best to inform you all of the conditions and forecast, as I will not

host an outing if it means putting peoples lives in danger.


Keep the fingers crossed, and if you happen to run into Mother Nature..... Give her a swift kick in the buttocks for me.

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This is just getting silly.


With the rivers running extremely high, I decided to get out and try Jude's favorite method for smallmouth fishing, fishing from a bridge.

It's gonna take some practice (and maybe some extra line), but I do see how this method can work. I gotta work on my casting.



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