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4th MONDAY TYING 2/23 6:30pm

John Loebach

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OOPs. I forgot being on a Monday the restaurant will be closed?

No Ron. We do not close on Monday. We're open 7 days. If anyone can come early for dinner, that will be great. If not we'll have some snacks and refreshments from 6:30pm-7:00pm and start tying around 7:00pm.

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Only 5 days away folks. We'll be tying the CF Minnow: post-1339-0-10837200-1424309914_thumb.jpg


Please bring your dubbing spinner along if you have one. For those that don't have one, we'll share. We'll be making dubbing noodles for the heads. It is the same technique that I used to create the heads of these flies:



All tiers and non-tiers are welcome.

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I really don't tie myself but I have attended many tying events just to learn about flies and how to properly use them. You won't be sorry that you attended and don't be shy about asking questions. Remember the only dumb question is the one that you should have asked but didn't.

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But it's going to take a major editing, before the video will be any use. :)


No problem, we're all fly tyers and I know you could easily produce a "bloopers" reel anytime I sit down to the bench. You know the routine,

accidentally cut your thread

crowd the eye of the hook, finish the fly and realize there's no way you can get a line thru it to actually fish it

can't find your whip finisher anywhere on the table because you've got so much clutter everywhere

finish the fly only to realize you forgot to add something along the way

go to add a little glue and it ends up everywhere


Feel free to add your own little floss in technique (Did you catch that Terry, floss instead of flaws?)


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