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New Member - Greetings

Bob Weaver

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Hello everyone -my name is Bob Weaver; I live in Countyside, IL., and am delighted to be a new member of this organization.


I first learned of the ISA when I was surfing the internet looking for reviews of fishing kayaks. With my son now grown and busy with his own family and career, my old 17' Grumman canoe seemed to be too unwieldy to cartop by myself. It wasn't the weight so much as the length. Anyhow, I sold the canoe several years ago to my brother and am interested now in a kayak in the 12' range. I think the Nucanoe Frontier probably suits my needs best, but will be attending the Canoecopia event in Madison in March to look at some others.


The smallmouth is by far my favorite fish and I'm anxious to work with you to help improve, and preserve, their habitat in Illinois waterways. We've been going to lakes north of Grand Marais (MN) every summer for the past 30 years and almost all of my smallmouth fishing has been in that area. I don't have much experience in our local rivers but I'm excited to learn about them.


I've just purchased my Blowout ticket and am looking forward to meet you all there.



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Welcome Bob, You should try to get in touch with our friends at Rocktown Adventure. They are doing kayak classes at

indoor swimming pools, I believe both in The Rockford area and the Aurora area. Good safe way to test one out.

Hope to see you at the Blowout.

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