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5/31 NW Region Float Trip

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Saturday, May 31 at 8am. (host Terry)

Float Outing
We'll start with breakfast at 8am. sharp at Cherry Valley Cafe, 216 E State St. Cherry Valley, IL.
After breakfast we'll hit the Kishwaukee River from Belvidere to Cherry Valley.
This is an all day float so you might want to pack a lunch or bring something to snack on.
In the past we have had problems with the water levels this time of year. Keep an eye on the Forums.


Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to attend.

If we have a large group, then we will split up and hit a different stretch.

You might want to bring a ChugBug along. :angry:


Let me know.

I also need to reserve tables at the Cafe if we have a large group.
Contact Terry for more info.

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I'm in. I'll bring you a chug bug and we can teach you how to use it. Actually I haven't fished much this year and haven't used any top water yet.

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Hello All!


Count me in.


I have several sizes and colors of Chug Bugs which should I bring??


My first trip with the club.

I use a fly rod (a bit rusty,me not the rod) and spin casting and if they don't work then I throw rocks :ph34r:

My Yak is an SIS Ascend 10 fishing Yak.


Can you believe it's snowing right now!!

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We are probably going to have to break-off into groups.

I have concocted 3 routes....


1) North Branch, Belvidere/Appleton to Cherry Valley (approx. 7.5 miles)


2) Main Branch, Cherry Valley to Atwood (approx. 8.5 miles)


3) South Branch/Oak Ridge F.P. to Atwood (approx. 8.5 miles)


View map > https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z6gw9Etw7_28.kWRXhL4ORRl4



The extended forecast looks great! Very little rain over the next couple weeks with a high near 80 on the day of float.

Keep your fingers crossed.


(that last little bit I posted should damn the trip. :) )

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May 23, 2014;


As of this date we are sitting on 7 boats with a possible 8 anglers and another boat and angle that's a maybe.

I'll make the Cafe reservation for 15.

If anybody else would like to make this outing, please try to let me know by the end of this holiday weekend.

Enjoy the weekend.

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We have a 60% chance of rain on Monday, May 26th.

Other than that the weather looks good for the week. If we can get through Monday without a great deal of rain the Kish should

be just about perfect for the float on Saturday.

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Here's the list thus far....


1) Myself (Terry Dodge)

2) Tim Goodman ii

3) Jude

4) Jim S

5) Eric G

6) Allen Rupp (+1?)

7) Ben

8) Vernon P


This coming Saturday, May 31st. The list above is what I'm going by.

I made the reservation for 15 @ 7:30am.

Anybody else that plans to attend, please let me know.

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Barely broke 7ft. Already dropping. River should be perfect for a float Saturday. 85 degrees and sunny. I'll be on the river for sure. Come on man, think positive.

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I hate to say it, but it usually spikes a little, then drops quickly, then the real increase comes. I hope I'm wrong, but I'll bet it heads back up very soon. I've had my hopes dashed many times by believing in that initial drop.

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It's dropping fast! I think we're going to be okay.

Remember, most of the rain that moved through the area last night was isolated.

What Jude said about the level dropping and then going back up is true, but I don't believe I've ever seen

it drop this much (4 inches) and then go back up. We're lucky that it was as low as it was.

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