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NW Region BassBugger Wannabes

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Hey all you NW Region fly guys.

Let's meet at the Hearth Rock Cafe again next to the big warm fireplace for some breakfast and smallmouth fly fishing talk.

Bring your vise if you would like to tie something and also bring along any kind of tying material you might have

an over abundance of and try to make a swap deal.

Luckily my swapping material was not in my basement so I'm ready to make a deal.

Let me know if you are going.


Let's shoot for 9:00am.



HearthRock Cafe

  • Address: 1100 11th St, Rockford, IL 61104
    Phone:(815) 965-2113
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I'll be there.


Just you, or are you bringing a Marine Corps platoon along also like you usually do?



I am considering coming up.................have to check with the powers to be


WOW! That would be so cool! Our rivers are still frozen up here, ya know?

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Just me a far as I know. Maybe my brother. Is Jude coming? I have something to give him. Mr. Graham might come up? That would be great. Terry still needs an autograph. Ha!


A small creek I like to fish is starting to open up a bit. Might have to hit it up this weekend to see if I can get my first smallmouth of the year.

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If I make it up, I would like to show everyone in attendance this fly:




It is called the Tullis Wiggle Bug. I have been playing around of late making a few. Very cool diving fly that wiggles.


Jonn, I am not making fun; however the first thing I think of is Big Bird from Sesame Street...

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I really would like to see the Wiggle Bug in person but can't make the meeting.


It has been around a while. I can't tell if it would be much different from the old Fly Rod Flatfish.





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chances are I won't be able to make it. got baseball sign up for junior.


Dear Jonn,

If you don't like us up here then just say so. "Baseball sign up", HA!

Now if you were to say dogsled sign up I might have believed you. You must really think we're stupid up here in the north.

Have you looked outside recently? Wanna run that baseball sign up thing by us again?

Baseball sign up, HA!

The guy has lost it.

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You are hilarious!!! The main reason not to come has nothing to do with you buys up in the NW region. The main reason is due to the weather. We live out in the country and things can get mighty dicey when the weather starts to get crappy. Normally, winter weather does not bother or scare me, but I have had ENOUGH this year. Tired of driving in it.


The baseball sign up thing is minor as I could have my wife handled that, but she did handle it one year and screwed it up. Baseball sign up weekend is a sure sign of spring.

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I saw that article. Those are really cool looking wiggle flies. But, those flies are closer to Todd's Wiggle minnow than the standard Wiggle Bug. The wiggle bug uses flat foam and his wiggle flies used foam cylinders............probably the same basic effect but with different materials.


I have used Todd's wiggle minnows and was never impressed by how much they wiggle. I think the Tullis wiggle bug will wiggle much more.

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I can see the baseball thing. Not nearly as bad as when I got turned down for a date once because she had to stay home that evening and turn her clock back an hour for Daylights Saving Time. :lol:


But seriously folks, how do you get that bevel in the flat foam? Is there a trick vs. just a single edge blade and winging it?

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Back to the breakfast.

So far it looks like Tim and maybe a guest, Jude, maybe rich mc, and then myself.

Is that it?


Also there is a new greasy spoon that has opened at the corner of Blackhawk Rd. and 251 (11th Street), I forgot that

I had wanted to do this thing there. Would you guys be will to go with the changed location, or should I keep it the same?

Full breakfast options at the greasy spoon.

I won't be tying but will bring material to swap if any of you guys are interested in doing that.

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The place is called Ojeda's Steak House & Bar.






Tim & Rich, let me know if you understand that the location has been changed.


See you there Pat.

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