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Outdoor Show Booth Workers Needed

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The ISA will have a booth at 3 outdoor shows this season. We need volunteers to work the booth and help recruit new ISA members. We need at least 2 people in the booth at all times. Please post here if you can help and tell us what days and which hours you will be able to work. Show admission and parking (Rosemont) is covered by us.



Tinley Park Fishing Show

6111 175th Street, Tinley Park, IL 60477


Friday, February 7, Booth set up after 5pm

Saturday, February 8, 9am to 5pm

Scott Ferguson 9-5

Craig Holderness 9-12

Don Zahrobsky 1-5

Sunday, February 9, 9am to 5pm

Mitchell Schwarz 9-5

Ron Kurasz 9-12

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I could work on Sunday all day on the 26th with Gordon.

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Scott: Pat M and I will be at the Schaumburg show Friday and can work the booth 4-8pm.


I attended this show last year and was impressed with the quality and number of exhibitors/vendors that were hawking fishing products rather than jewelry, t-shirts, and stain removers. I highly recommend it.


Bill K

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Scott, I can close one of shows but will need someone to close the other. If Craig is working Schaumburg on Sunday, can I propose he close Schaumburg and I close Rosemont? I can also try to help fill in any gaps and will endeavor to prepare a chart tonight to see exactly what needs filled for both Rosemont and Schaumburg shows.

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I can close out the Rosemont show and take all of the stuff home in my van and deliver it to you or to those using it for another presentation. I hope Bart or someone can help me tote the equipment or watch it while I bring the van from the parking garage.

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