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Chicagoland Fishing,Travel and Outdoor Expo

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Hi guys and thanks


We will have a booth at both the Schumburg show and Rosemont


We certainly will need ots of help and will post here about info.




and whoever else can help just start posting in this thread.

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Repeat. What number = virtually some?


There are always reups as part of the score at any show.


Are you sure we would get those reups if we were not at the show? I have also signed up lapsed members who were reminded by seeing the booth. A membership is a membership, no?

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Repeat. What number is virtually some?


The Rockford Show is 2/14-2/16. I see nothing on the ISA calendar except a breakfast meeting on 2/14. But all I really want to know is the magic number. Quit beating around the Bush.

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Guest rich mc

if the cost is 175 for the booth then break even would be 6. also the problem is staffing the show for Friday pm and 2 days . with a seminar in the works for the Rockford area in april .the officers decided to focus on that. no cost and we picked up 4 members and 1 renu last year. I will have a booth there and will display isa brochures and info on the april seminar. richmc

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This decision has little to do with "how many new sign-ups". It's about resources to make it happen.

We are taking a pass "this year". We may come back to it in the future. It depends on the regional coordinators and how much importance they put on one particular show. Everybody needs a break from that scene from time to time, and the focus gets put on other things. Relax!

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