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Shish Kabob

Tom L

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Well done Tom !

I think I smell a challenge coming for the upcoming season. Who can produce a fly from the strangest materials and catch a smallmouth on it. This is definitely a contender but I have seen a top water "plug" carved out of a corn cob so you've got competition.

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Just so you know.....

I have experimented with many, many, different types of earplugs, as I have an endless supply of many different types where I work.

The ear plugs that are being used in the pics above are NO GOOD. Those type of ear plugs suck-up & retain water and swell to a large size and become very heavy and hard to cast.

I won't even use this type at work because the sweat from work makes the plugs swell and causes ear pain. The only foam plug that I have found that will not retain water are the basic yellow, Bubble Gum looking ones. All other foam ear plugs suck up and retain water.

Sorry Tom. I don't mean to dis on your fly. I just don't want to see you waste time on a fly that isn't going to perform well.

I tried to coat the ear plugs you used with Flex-Seal but that didn't work either. Only the yellow ones work.


If you're going to tie ear plug flies, I would only use the type in the pic below.....



Photo on 12-19-13 at 8.59 AM.jpg



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HA! I just realized. You're using 4 ear plugs on that fly.

Once that sucks up water it's going to weigh about 5 pounds.

I've only used one plug and that sucker gets heavy

Use your fly, you'll see what I'm talking about and you'll get a good laugh.

It won't suck up water right when in comes in contact, but after about 5 or 6 cast you'll see what I mean.

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I can beat ear wax.


But first, nice fly, Tom though it may be a Fly Rod lure. Even if it soaks up water, rich could still cast it with his UL underspin.


Rob, that is a great idea for a contest. Folks have been using exotic materials ever since Uncle Jack (also known for his shine) used the cork from his jug to make a popper. A'course with no cork for the jug, he had to finish the jug to keep it from spoilin.' He said. But Aunt Kate hit him with the fry pan anyway.


Terry used ear plugs first. Craig uses hair curlers to make the Frawg. His Ringer is an optical product you may remember. There's a video on tying a condom nymph. Though I have not seen one using the wrapper. If you tied it with a tail from Trigger's mane, would it be a Trojan Horse? Around 1970 or so I fished panfish flies I made from aluminum pop cans.


I was the first to make flies out of Dinosaurs.








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