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With all the crappy weather, I have been busy getting my fly boxes ready for spring. Here are a few I have been tying:






Been working hard of late learning how to stack deer hair. The above flies, with their stacked heads, came out nice. They are weightless and I plan to fish them on a sink tip this summer.




I love to fish tubes on standard tackle, here is a pattern for a fly rodders version of the tube jig. Weighted.




The above fly is Mike Jacobs' Bronze Goddess. Mike is from Iowa and this is his signature pattern. By the way, Mike sells fly tying materials at incredibly low prices. You have to see his site and check prices. https://sites.google.com/site/hawkeyeflytyer/Home






Rich Strolis from Connecticut has really made an impression on me.........great, innovative tyer. I love his sculpin/madtom pattern. These two are single hooked models, but I also have some articulated ones. His Headbanger Sculpin is very popular. Gotta love the Sculpin Helmets..............neat product.


C'mon warm weather.....................

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You do put a few drops of glue down before sliding on the helmet. In addition, after setting the helmet, make a small thread head in between the helmet and the eye of the hook. If done properly, they do not move at all. They are very snag resistant when worked along the bottom. They are made of a soft metal that is not as heavy as they look. I am using the small size, they make a mini and a large. Very neat product.

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Really like your tub jig flies. I picked up some Fish Skull Helmets from Cabela's awhile back when it was on sales, now that you gave some inspirations I'll have to tie some up.

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Nice Easter Parade of Flies.


"Sink the line and float the fly." Let us know how that works. I keep meaning to try it, but never get around to it.

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