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No Name (yet) Crawdad

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My go to crawfish flies for the last year or so had been the Foxy Crawdad and the Legged Crystal Bugger. They both were quite productive in low to medium flows of water, but with the high Spring run off I need something that will get down and offer a little bite bulky profile. So, I fused the best attributes of those two flies and came up with this.


I don't have a name for it yet; so it is called "No Named Crawdad" for now. Any suggestions on the name are welcome.




Hook: Eagle Claw 630-2 size# 2 (90 degrees jig hook)

Thread: Uni-Mono size 4m

Weight: 1/4" Brass Conehead and 10-15 Turns of 0.030 Lead Wire

Antennas: 4 Strands of Red Crystal Flash and 4 Strands of Sili Legs

Head: Medium Olive Chenille

Collar: Olive Hackle

Eyes: Hair Brush Bristles post-1339-0-05337000-1363233842_thumb.jpg

Claws: Olive Barred Magnum Rabbit Strips

Legs: Black Rubber Legs

Underbody: Medium Olive Chenille

Body: Olive Crystal Chenille (I used Jay Fair's Long Shuck Glim. Brown Olive)

Hackle: Olive Hanckle





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Very nice looking fly and an all around outstanding post.

Hair Brush Bristles? I have no hair so I don't know much about hair brush bristles.

I can say that if I were to snip those off of my wife's brush she would be very angry with me.



I don't have a name for it yet; so it is called "No Named Crawdad" for now. Any suggestions on the name is welcome.


I would have to suggest the Angry Wife Craw.

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Thanks for all the comments.


I would have to suggest the Angry Wife Craw.


Angry Wife Craw? Interesting name. I'll have to think about that.....

I never thought of hair brush bristles for eyes. Thanks Tom. It may just be me, but eyes always seem to give a fly a slight edge over similar flies without eyes.


Angry Wife Craw, seems to fit well.

I agreed John. Eyes do make flies look more lively. Some salterwater guys sweared by it. Although, I have to admit that the hair brush bristles for eyes idea was not my original. It was from one of those youtube video. Just can't seem to find the video again.

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also when tying on the hair bristle flatten the stem section with pliers so it seats better. rich mc

Good point Rich. Forgot to mentioned that in the instructions. Also, bending the hair brush bristles to 45 deg helps better eyes seating. The eyes also help in spreading the claws apart while retrieving, giving more actions to the fly.


John L, Jude, and I will be tying at the LLBean in Hoffman Est tomorrow from noon-4pm on Sunday (tomorrow). I'll demo this new fly. Stop-by and say Hello.

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Tied up a few of the new crawdads with keel. The keel was made of 40lbs mono loop and 3 beats.



First time I'd seen this style of fly was the Avalon Permit Fly featured in the Fly Fisherman Mag about 2 years ago. Supposely, the keel will make the fly bounce along the bottom and create ticking noise as well. Don't know how well it will work, but will report back later.


BTW, the new fly is officially called "No Name Dad".



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Thats an interesting idea, never seen that. I have used a heavy mono V style weed guard, but on the same side as your beads, so the mono will kick up some dirt like a fleeing crawdad. You just trim it short so its stiff, and hangs just a little lower than the dumbell eyes. I was using it on the dupage for Carp. It definetely turned some more heads from the fish, can't say I landed any more though! Ryan

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Guest rich mc

years ago isa tied up a bunch of flies with the mono loop and beads at a meeting i think a guy had a website for bouncer flies .mike taylor did the demo. rich mc

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