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Old Lures from an Old Friend

Tom L

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Tom & Sue Cloud have been coming to our restaurant for over 10 years. We have be come quite good friends over the years, but only the last few years that I found out Tom used to fish a lot. So, we started talking about going fishing together, but we never did. Because by then, Tom was battling with Diabetes and Cancer. Tom passed away last year.


A few days ago, Sue stoped by and gave me an old leather porch filled with old fishing lures. She said "Tom wanted you to have these."



Thank you Mr. Tom Cloud.

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that's quite a gift! timothy

Thanks Timothy. It really was a wonderful gift.


The white on these plastic lures is a mold that comes off easily with dish washing soap then rinse. Always looking for old lures, manufacturers catalogs, pre level wind casting reels and more. Will be at the Sandwich Plano show this weekend

Thanks Dan for the tip. I think I'll keep these in memory of Mr. Cloud. Good luck at the show.


Very nice Tom. It says alot about you when someone remembers you like that. That's very special.

Thanks John. Some of our customers have become like a family. On the other of the spectrum, I've seen some customers since they were in their diapers and now they are bigger than me.


looks like my dads old favorites crazy crawler and jitterbugs[ black at night during a full moon] rich mc

Yes Rich, some of these old lures are pretty cool. I've never seen one until now.

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That old Jitterbug in pic # 2 brings back memories. My dad schooled me with one just like that when I was learning to bass fish. Had a big largemouth all riled up next to a fallen log. Was working it too fast and couldn't get the bass to commit. My pops tried it and let it sit a while. Gave it a slight twitch and let it sit. Bass couldn't stand it and came up and pounded the lure. Valuable lesson.


In fact, looking back, seemed my pops took great pleasure in fooling fish by the least amount of effort possible. He had it dialed waaaaaay back! He was ultra patient!


Sorry about the loss of your friend.

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When I was young, once a year our family took a vacation to Shawano Lake in WI. All my dad and grandpa new were how to catch panfish. My grandfather used to spit snuff on the bait. We used minnows and crawlers and red worms and line up with the bright pink house.


My younger (by 4 years) brother somehow found a jitterbug and would go out early in the morning and walk to a little weedy channel to fish.


He started coming back with big (we thought at the time) largemouth. None of us had ever caught a fish on an artificial before then and it was really amazing that this piece of wood could catch bigger fish than we had ever seen.


He used that Jitterbug for years.


Yes, sorry for your loss and wonderful that you could develop such a nice relationship like that over those years.

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Thanks Eric, Jim and Mike for sharing your own stories. Seeing these old lures does bring back old memories.


Rich - On the other side of that 5th lure has the word "GARCIA" on it. Hope some one can identify it.

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Guest rich mc

thinking of the jitterbugs brought back a memory. my dad ,grandfather and uncle got really pissed when they started making jitterbugs out of this new thing called plastic. they went out and purchased as many wood one as they could find...then a few years later they were out bying the new Jointed plastic jitterbugs

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