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Fly Snaps

Guest Jim S.

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I'm not sure if this or rather these have been posted before, but being new to the FF I found them very useful. They allowed me to switch out flies anytime I wanted to without having to retie. They also are very strong and never lost a fish because of them. I know it's not traditional fly tying, but I really like them.



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They work great with streamers, poppers, and foam dry flies. I sometimes feel that it may turn away a fish staring at a dry, but I have not used them enough in that situation to say for sure. I do like them and have not had one bend out enough to loose a fish. Great for us guys with diminishing vision.

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Thanks for putting this up. I sometimes use snaps with casting or spinning gear. A big plus is that, if you get a rise or follow and do not hookup, you can switch to another lure and get back there quickly provided you have your alternate ready to go. These should deliver the same advantage to fly fishermen. The only caution is that the snap should not become a substitute for retying often no matter what gear you are using.

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