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  1. Nice fish! Be sure to come to the Bronzeback Blowout and meet everyone.
  2. Some Sad News

    Very sad news. Stay strong, Norm's family.
  3. One of our own passed

    I fished with Dave on a Kaskaskia River float trip several years ago. He was a good guy.

    Count me in.
  5. October Dinner Meeting

    Put some Singha Beer on ice, I'll be there.
  6. You will do a great job. I'll try to help as much as I can.
  7. ISA at Tinkers Dam video remake

    Very nice. I hope this video can be played at the next Bronzeback Blowout.
  8. A short Tinkers Dam video 2017

    Very nice. Hopefully, some one can do that for the crew that was there for the first week. Good job.
  9. Mark, I think what he is saying is that while those of us with canoes and kayaks have to have a stamp to float Illinois waters, weekend "tubers" can inflate a "pool toy quality" device and float the same stretch of water without any registration.
  10. Making A Change

    You did a great job Mike.Really appreciate all the work you did.
  11. Water Usage Stamps for Illinois small watercraft.

    The Bolingbrook Bass Pro does a good job of printing up the stamps and supplying the adhesive sheets. They do not store your kayak information at the store. It all goes to the DNR, so you have to have your boat ID #, boat model and manufacturer names as well as the color of boat. They also use your fishing license to connect your information to the DNR.
  12. Mark, here is what I am trying to figure out. Let's say you want a Ducks Unlimited license plate. On the Secretary of State website it says the added cost for this plate is $40. It states that some of this money will go to Ducks Unlimited for their various projects. The proposed amendment seems to say that all fees collected will go only to the highway fund. Same goes for all the other specialty plates. For example if you get a plate promoting your favorite college, the website says that the extra fees will help provide scholarships to needy students. Will these organizations get to keep their cut of the fees? Wetland development and scholarships have nothing to do with highways.
  13. As I understand it, if passed,all money from specialty plates will go exclusively to roads. So if you want a wildlife plate, a prevent violence plate, a fight cancer plate, etc., no money would go to the causes you think you are supporting by paying a premium for one of those plates.