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  1. Dick G

    Winter fishing shows

    A shout out to Scott Ferguson for all the work he has done to get the ISA message out to the angling public at the winter fishing shows. Scott puts in long hours and a lot of book work to get the ISA booth up and running at these shows. He is also a great closer when it comes time to seal the deal on new members. Thanks for all your dedication Scott.
  2. Dick G

    New member introduction

    The Blowout is a great place to see what the ISA is all about. Welcome!
  3. Dick G

    Excited to be a part of the club!

    Welcome to the group. You will find that the ISA has a very active fly fishing-tying contingent.
  4. Dick G

    Chicago Region Breakfast

    I'll be there.
  5. Nice fish! Be sure to come to the Bronzeback Blowout and meet everyone.
  6. Dick G

    Some Sad News

    Very sad news. Stay strong, Norm's family.
  7. Dick G

    One of our own passed

    I fished with Dave on a Kaskaskia River float trip several years ago. He was a good guy.
  8. Dick G


    Count me in.
  9. Dick G

    October Dinner Meeting

    Put some Singha Beer on ice, I'll be there.
  10. You will do a great job. I'll try to help as much as I can.
  11. Dick G

    ISA at Tinkers Dam video remake

    Very nice. I hope this video can be played at the next Bronzeback Blowout.
  12. Dick G

    A short Tinkers Dam video 2017

    Very nice. Hopefully, some one can do that for the crew that was there for the first week. Good job.
  13. Mark, I think what he is saying is that while those of us with canoes and kayaks have to have a stamp to float Illinois waters, weekend "tubers" can inflate a "pool toy quality" device and float the same stretch of water without any registration.