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  1. Sorry to miss this one, but I am going to be on a road trip.
  2. I just renewed my Illinois boat registration for my pontoon boat from the DNR. Everything went smoothly. They take the money from your credit card immediately, but it will take 6 to 8 weeks to mail the sticker. I thought I was doing this really early since my current sticker is good until June 30th. They do give you a transaction number that you can show if you get stopped for not having an up to date sticker displayed, but come on, 6 to 8 weeks to send it out. I guess one gets spoiled by getting used to having almost everything you buy these days on the phone or online being sent out immediately.
  3. Great breakfast and great fishing stories. I think everyone learned about some new fishing spots and new lures to use!
  4. Scott, I can do Saturday. What time should I be there?
  5. Scott, I can help out either day. Let me know what works best for you.
  6. Here are a few photos featuring ISA members taken at the Schaumburg show. ISA member and renowned antique lure collector Dan Basore posed with Chauncey, noted radio personality. At the Cook County Forest Preserve booth they were handing out 2019 calendars featuring two of ISA member Mark Kasick,s photographs. ISA's Scott Ferguson was snapped while signing up new members. One of the travel vendors from Wisconsin was giving out a newsletter that displayed a catch by one of the top anglers in the Midwest.😄
  7. A big shout out to Scott Ferguson who worked all four days in the ISA booth at the big fishing show just completed in Schaumburg. Scott was there from set up on Thursday all the way through to closing time Sunday evening. He signed up new members, sold Bronzeback Blowout tickets and renewed memberships for current members. Thank you Scott!
  8. Scott, let me know which day and shift and I can be there Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  9. This is the only smallmouth i will see in December. Hope all of the ISA members have a wonderful holiday season and a great 2019 fishing year with tight lines, sharp hooks, good knots and big fish.
  10. Terry, message me when you are settled in and know your schedule. There are some nice stretches of the Des Plaines that can be waded.
  11. It always seemed strange to me that the Winter Solstice comes before we really face much winter weather, and the Summer Solstice happens before most of us are even into our summer lifestyle. Anyway, longer daylight always good.
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