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  1. for Clouser's probably not but for unweighted flies they are often recommended for bass, I haven't spent much time with them. I do have a poly-leader that I plan to try in still water for largemouth with surf candy style baitfish flies
  2. I'd be happy to tie some up to donate over the next few months, Clouser's and Wooly Buggers probably since they're the most effective all arounders. My wife works at Loyola and I'm not too far from there so I could work out a meet up once the world is less "covidy". Shoot me a PM for my phone # Nick
  3. I think I want to try more "Game Changer" flies for a swimmer, the one that I have tied really swims great but I haven't put the time in with it.
  4. My daughter recently left the nest and I picked up a roll top desk on Craigs list for $75, I don't have the tying station set up yet but I'm dying to get it done
  5. I fished the Dupage for the first time this year, it's not very close so I don't make it there as often as I'd like. It was hot! I fished from around 6:30-noon, downstream and then back up the way I had come with a bit added on the upstream portion. Weeds were pretty bad, loads of hairy clumps tumbling down fouling your hook when fishing down. Very slow morning with only a single smallie spotted among the numerous small carp. As I was wading upstream toward the end of my wade I saw a fish break the water near a mud bank so I tried drifting a hopper pattern with no luck. Then I switched to a very sparse Clouser to work the subsurface zone of the same area and I noticed a small ball of baitfish moving downstream past me in the current, my fly was the perfect size if they start keying on those. A few minutes later I looked upstream and saw several fish busting the surface, by now I had assumed everything was carp because I had be relegated to carp herder for the day but there's actually a good chance it's actually smallies busting bait. I waded up to get in position and false casted to keep from fouling in weeds when all of a sudden I had half the rod in my hand. The tip and second section had separated from my 6 weight and I was frantically gathering line hoping that my fly snags the tip, it did and then I had to just as frantically pull the line through the tip to get my rod to it's full 9' again. A quick look showed that the fish were still active, I settled in and managed to go 4/5 until they cooled down(or I spooked them). That's really what you live for fishing smallies on a fly, great to be there! Pardon the bad pics but they fish were busting and I wasn't going to waste time.
  6. Nickk

    ll bean

    whoa, I didn't realize that. I concur
  7. Nickk

    ll bean

    really? do you think that a rod company is obligated to replace an accidentally broken rod? Sounds to me like they went above and beyond by replacing it for a nominal fee.
  8. Clouser's Deep Minnow and Wooly Buggers, it's nice to have a top water too. Those will get you fish for sure, for Wooly Buggers I usually go with Olive tones and with Clouser's just tie them sparse. Carp I can't help you though I have seen them heavily feeding on top for caddis flies on the Fox so maybe some larger Caddis patterns (size 12,14)
  9. anyone doing this? I'm thinking about getting a line and heads for my 6wt and I'm looking for recommendations. Rio 250 grain?
  10. it's good to hear of an expansion of a shop. Trout and Grouse is closing their doors today.
  11. is that the same type of grass that's on the Dupe?
  12. I stumbled upon the Golden Gate Casting club in 1990 with my then girlfriend(now wife) while walking through Golden Gate park. There were only 2 people casting, a man and a woman. The guy could shoot line like you wouldn't believe, or at least I couldn't at the time. It had been a good 12 years since I had tried to fly cast(fish), watching that was one of the things that got me fishing again later in life.
  13. thanks for asking for me. Great looking fly Michael!
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