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What's on your mind?

Terry Dodge

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I changed my mind, or so I thought

and the statement I made did not appear where I thought it would.

So now I'm confused on where it actually went

I will await an answer if someone possible could.


"What's on my mind" is to what I refer

It hurts my brain when I can't understand.

Does it not appear on "Status Updates"?

I thought it would but that thought was damned.


I would just like to know so I can sleep thru the night

knowing my minds thoughts are all safe and all sound.

I suppose Eric would know the answer I seek

if he could ever set that baitcaster down.

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Kevin gets it.


When you click on your name at the top of the screen and the window pops up, there a box where you can up date "What's on your mind".

I thought when updating what was on my mind and after clicking the "Update" box that info would then transfer to your profile page as you new status but I guess they are two different things. Which is fine but I was just wondering when a person does do the "What's on your mind" thing and updates it, where the heck does it go? Who can see it? If this info is being sent to China then I'm gonna have to start watching what I say.

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1. In the top right of the browser (when logged in), click your name and you'll get a drop down box.


2. Enter text in the "What's on your mind?" text box.


3. Click the "Update" button when finished.


The new update will appear at the top of your profile page in a light-gray callout box to the right of your name. Click on my avatar (profile pic in this post) to see mine ... I just updated it as a test using the steps above. I used text only, no HTML or special coding, and kept it short.

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