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Chicago region outing on the fox

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First off, i would like to say sorry for dropping the ball and not posting on this during the week.


We had planned to fish the fox at Glenwood park Saturday 8:00am.




I stopped by to see what the water levels looked like. All i can say is No way!


For those that were there last year for the water willow planting, those plants are under water.


So either we postpone this event or move it to a different fishing hole. I was thinking Jericho with some canoes

and kayaks.


What say you? I will await some input good or bad. So start planning.



And dont forget Sunday is Mothers Day!

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I have not seen the river in a few days. I will check out the spot on Thursday. Looks like most of tonight's rain stayed north. up river :(


Was planning on this being a wade. If the river doesnt work we could drop canoes, kayaks at a few other places?


How many people are interested in a float?


How many are interested in a wade?

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The Fox is fine for wading or kayaking. The CFS last I checked was 1,300.


1,800 - 2,000 is my top end for comfortable wading in most areas. Obviously for kayak fishing, a gentle flow is more advantageous for boat position.


I was out early this week and fishing was relatively slow. I hit some great areas with the kayak and boated a combined 9 with a buddy. The hula grub was a winner. A few on a spinnerbait. Largest were 15". I'm guessing the spawn has slowed things down a bit. But you never know what'll hit on that next cast. There are always fish on the feed of various sizes and styles...

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Stopped over at Glenwood thursday and it looked much calmer and you could see the island where willows were planted last year.

Didnt see any willows though. I will tomorrow.


Ericg, we will meet at Glenwood park at 8:00 am.

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I stopped by around 1:00 and met up with EcicG, Pat and Eugene. Eugene got a smallie on the fly! It was a real monster, I was not sure he was going to land it, but in the end Eugene prevailed!


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That Small- ie :P was the first smallie caught on my new 5 weight. I will hook bigger ( i hope) with the flyrod.


Ericg- glad i was able to help you catch some smallies. :D


JohnD -thanks for posting orca for me, and thanks for showing up. :D

PatH - thanks for showing up.


Ed B - no problem, had a blast. If ericg didnt catch a fish soon i thought i was gonna have to tie a bettlespin on for him. :P

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