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top water colors


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just curious: does color really matter when throwing top water baits such as Spooks, Sammy's, etc..seems to me the fish would just see a silohette(sp) floating on the water...have recently been using more of these baits with some success and would like your guys opinions..




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I agree with Eric. Also just to be safe, I bet on Pearl/white most of the time. I figure that the belly of almost every fish in our region (and most regions for that matter) is some shade of white or silver with possibly a bit of yellow/orange. This would also cover most frogs. Black has also worked for me, esspecialy buzzbaits, but that's a reaction bait anyhow.

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It pays to remember that tackle companies first priority is not selling lures that catch fish, they have to catch fishermen.


It's kinda like a sandwich at the 7-11. It looks great due to the presentation. The side you see has tons of meat, cheese, etc. But most of the sandwich is just bread. :angry:


Not sure how many smallies see the top and sides of a top water lure? And yet those are the sides that have all the color, shimmer, etc. B)


So, in closing I thinks it's best to buy your lures from your local 7-11. :rolleyes:


But seriously...during day light hours I think it's 90% location and presentation.

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