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Kishwaukee Wade, Saturday 8/20


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Is this event still a go for Saturday morning?


My knee held up pretty well minus some swelling and soreness during last weeks water willow planting and 3 hour Kish wade so I plan on coming out for this.


Who else is in?

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I am for sure planning on being there but with all that is going on with all the family medical problems I can't say for sure.

Pretty much taking it day by day at this point. As long as the rain holds off on Wednesday the Kish should be in great shape for Saturday.

I really need to get out for a few hours of smallie fishing and some peace.

Hope to see you at the greasy-spoon Saturday morning.

Glad to hear the knee is coming along well.

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Definitely still a go. Terry, please do your "No Rain" dance. (Would that be done in a bumble bee suit?) If the rain holds off, conditions will be great. Any other takers?

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You, Mr. Swami, ain't right.


Looks like we're going to have a big turnout! I've gotten calls from three Chicago area guys who'll each be bringing a friend, so thats six, plus me, Terry, Paul, Tim, and Ron equals eleven. I better call the C.V. Cafe and tell make sure they have enough grease in stock.


Paul and Terry: I really hope you can both make it to help show some folks around!

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Well...breakfast was good. Although the waitress was a little witchy. Almost as witchy as Mother Nature. We had a great turnout with a total of 11 fisher people. After breakfast, we split up and went our separate ways. Terry took Joe and Joe's H.S. senior daughter to the south branch, and they quit by 9:30 due the thunderstorms. Paul took Tim and Deb just upstream of Cherry Valley and had some success. I hear Deb caught a 16 inch smallie, and Tim caught a northern that was in the mid to upper twenties. I took a bunch of fly guys a lttle downstream and we walked in across the street from my house. Home field advantage didn't even help. Ron, Wayne, Keith, Don and I spent more time huddled under trees failing to stay dry than we did fishing. No fish were caught in the little time actually spent fishimg.


Maybe I should plan an outing in Texas. I hear they could use some rain.

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Deb landed a couple of fish including this nice 16" that gave her a good fight.



I landed 1 dink and this decent northern.


Paul did the best numbers wise, with 5 or 6 fish in 9"-13" range.


My knee held up pretty good, I had once scary moment under a bridge but other than that just a little swelling and soreness.


If you were able to stick out the rain it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, we didn't catch any fish after the sun came out, but sure did help to dry us out. It is always nice to fish with different members and see how each person works an area differently.

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