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kkankakee river cleanup

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Norm, I would like to bring my jonboat or canoe to pick up the tires and what not that seem the hang around the islands, this stuff usually gets overlooked on cleanups as it is a little hard to haul out. Who else can join me in doing the same and provide shuttle service so we can get back to our vehicles?




Mark O'Donnell

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Tentative based on date of family b-day party... will update when it's closer.


The party is Sunday so I'll be there. Last time I did this was two years ago. Is it the same deal where the NIAA supplies garbage bags, gloves, etc? Work 8-12, bring garbage back to concession stand or leave at garbage can in area working at? Lunch?


Hopefully the fish will cooperate in the afternoon...

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Usual bit, lunch, not sure about. NIAA is supposed to provide but possible issues with that.




Looking forward to it. hope things turn out better than the last time i saw you.

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Six of us showed up for the cleanup. I believe I heard 80 or so showed from other groups. Collected a decent amount of garbage. Beautiful day to be out no matter what you were doing!


Worked w/Bill C for the morning and did some fishing after. Bill left after we worked one area w/only a couple fish a piece. Not too long after he left I got a nice 17 my biggest for the day. Only six fish for the day. Saw 7 turkeys when I swtiched spots and 6 deer on the ride home. Thought I was going to get into one of those topwater bites as there was a bug hatch and some sporadic surface activity but it didn't happen. Nice to work and fish w/you Bill.

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