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First Fly Outing Of Year

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Today was my first fly fishing outing of the year. It was also the first time using my new Echo Ion 7 wt. It handles larger flys and the tossing of split shot quite well. I tossed Clousers of various colors over a three hour period. I fished 6 small pools with yellow and caught fish in all but one. I went through the same pools a second time but with other colors. The second time around took less fish but they were larger. All fish were taken from shaded areas with some current. Strangely no smallies were taken even though these pools usually carry a nice one or two along with the usual dinks.All fish landed were of decent size and included a 12" largemouth, 1 crappie, 1 large drum, 1 river herring, 33 white bass 11"-15", and 4 hybrid stripers 19" 19" 20" 22". I lost one that went about 27". It broke off at the knot, as I was too lazy to retie after just landing the 22 incher. I would have kicked myself in the behind if I were limber enough. Here are a few pics.


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Holy Cow! Looks like a beautiful setting to top it all off. Not that you probably noticed, as you must have been constantly catching and releasing fish. Congrats on a sweet multi species outing.

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Thanks guys. The fishing and scenery were great, and the rod performed exceptionally well.


John, good question. I've wondered that myself. I've caught them in about five different streams, from the size of the Illinois down to small creeks. I've targeted them in three of those streams and have caught them as late as November. They seem to be more prevalent in April and May and decrease in numbers as the year goes on. They must run up the smaller streams from larger bodies of water or drop over the spillways of lakes that stock them. Some, I'm sure, must get trapped in the pools of the smaller streams. I cannot imagine them being permanent residents. The others must move back downstream or are taken by anglers.


Manny, I'll post how things went when I get back. We need to get together to fish that stretch of river we talked about last year. I usually like to fish it in Oct. when the leaves are changing.

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