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Sign Posting

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The ISA put up or replaced or fixed a whole bunch of signs on the Kanakaee, DuPage and Fox Rivers today. The South group had 8 us of meet to get signs, posts and directions.


I will let others tell what they did but here is my report and pictures. Dick G and I hit the Dupage together and we either put up or replaced or checked on 14 different locations on main river and the West Branch. I have a few more spots to do in Napeville but could use a few people to go up the West Branch and finish up through Winfield.


Thanks to TimU for heading this up.


Our South group



Dick G holds An old one and new one



The back of your car on sign posting days




We went to a place we both new we had seen a sign a few weeks ago and it was gone. Recovered the pole in the water though.


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Great effort guys. Thank you!


Dick, I appreciate you looking out for me! :P




it's a good thing we own waders :D

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Thanks for all your hard work everyone!


It was not hard work at all. Ask Mike LaHart who rode with me as we covered the lower DuPage. Changing out a few broken and faded signs was pretty easy. Mike, who has never fished the DuPage before got an speed lesson in all the access points between Shorewood and Channahon. I even picked a few new points myself.

We ran into a guy who had 4 VERY nice crappies in a fish basket, and was catching many more. I'd never seen crappies that big from the DuPage.

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We only had one group meet at the north check point, with Eugene stopping by to drop off a post pounder. We were only out about two hours as I had been battling a nasty cold most of the week. We did get 8 signs put up or replaced along both sides of the Fox from Army Trail Rd. to Route 88.


One thing to note is that the IDNR signs posted along the Fox river show "No Harvasting" of any Smallmouth or Largemouth bass at anytime or at any length. So we avoided putting up contradicting signs in any area that already had the IDNR sign posted. I will get pictures up later tonight of a few of the signs we posted along with a picture of the IDNR sign.


Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped!


Please remember we don't need to put a date down to get these signs up. If you know of a place that needs a sign, please let me know and I will work to get you the materials needed. It only takes a few minutes to pound a post in and attach a sign, it can easily be done on any trip to the river.

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Tim, Scott and Norm, JimB


Please e-mail me locations of signs you either put up or know locations about. Scott, I only need the Fox list you had


I will add to the Excel data base so we have a more complete list.


Every year this is easier because we've covered more ground and it's just replacing or fixing.



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