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Ear Popping!

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Has anyone ever tried tying any ear-plug poppers? I've been messing around with them for a couple years now and can tell you

that they do work and they do catch fish. Some ear plugs work better than others and some ear plugs just can't be used at all.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried tossing these things and looking for any suggestions on maybe tying them in a better way.



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I never did, but my hat is off to you for seeing the connection and application. Tell me, do th ear plugs work better before or after you have used them as ear plugs?

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Guest rich mc

i have also seen the soft floating jigs heads made for the lindy rigs they have eyes and good coloring just run a needle thru for rubber legs and add some ta`il material, hooks have a nice gap. picked a bunch up on a clearance sale about 10 for $2. rich

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