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Tube fishing

eugene f collins

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I am hoping some of you folks having luck with tubes will help me out.

Somebody please take me fishing where tubes work. I have yet to catch a fish using

a tube. Have tried many times here in the fox, 2 years no luck. Come on what do you say?

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I just dumped all my tubes. I've caught lots of fish on them but have more confidence in other plastics. If you fish the right places with the correct speed/depth control you will catch fish.

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I wouldn't get too caught up on trying to catch fish on a tube. I used to feel the same as you and then managed to catch fish on tubes; 2,3,4 and 6 inch models. I'd rather try to catch fish on other plastics but still will carry and throw tubes depending on conditions . Next time you are catching fish on the Fox with plastic change to a tube and see if they'll hit it. Seems like spring was better for smaller tubes and summer for larger but that's just the times I threw them.

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Eric (spider man Combo)= wrong

My (Snoopie combo) can outcast your Batman combo :lol:


Seriously I have no confidence with tubes. I like the idea of switching to the tube, next time im catching. Story to follow when it works.

Im headed to Michigan for the weekend to help close a friends cottage. He promises a smallmouth lake. He wants a musky or big pike

not sure how that will work. His musky eats my smallie- who gets the picture holding the fish? His lake has big largemouth but no smallmouth.

He says he has a plan. Last time he had a plan, It cost us.


I am gonna bring all my tubes and die trying. Wish me luck!


Norm- you hit the nail on the head, more confidence in all the crawbug.


Kevin- I have tried the tube on the fox several different times this year with no luck. Only to turn around with a BEETLESPIN and catch a couple.

Or pull out a crawbug and catch a bunch including this years personal best.


Ron- sounds like i need to fish down your way.

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Get a boat and we'll go out to the Calumet River or the St. Joe and catch smallmouth on tubes and nothing else.

Texas-rigged with a red Gamakatsu 1/0 wide gap and red bullet weight.

Leave the rest of your tackle at home.

Set it up and I'll give you the grand tour.

You'll burn the rest of your tackle.


Mr. Kast- am I lyin?


The Kankakee?

I won't even tie one on.

Only a confidence thing with that though.


....and get some garlic on the hula grub, for crying out loud. ; )

Chompers, baby! LOL

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Garlic and coffee tubes make me gag especially when it's hot. I'd rather soak them in the juice of melting softshells.


To me a Yum crawbug looks like the old MadMan craws, both basically tubes with the plastic that hangs off slightly rearranged from the standard tube.

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Looking at it that way, I have caught fish on tubes. I also throw the Paca craws which are also modified tubes.


Mike i will work on that. For now though i think the blue bath tub is small for those waters.

Hopefully i will have the new bath tub up and running by spring. Then i can fish those waters, and the lake front.

What is a regular tube suppose to imitate ? A cigar?

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A tube imitates a crawdad- without the claws.

Berkley discovered in their studies that bass like their crayfish without claws more so than with them... so there you have your tube.

True story.


Garlic and coffee tubes make me gag

Norm- quit eating the baits, they are for the fish!

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Mike.... I slayed them on the St. Joe with my "goddamn white worm"! Though this spring in Door Co. I did quite nicely fishy with tubes. :D

I forgot about that damn worm.

Praise be to Jesus....I'm burning all of my tubes now.



(pssst....got anymore of those?)

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