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Water willow planting

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Our annual water willow planting with the Friends of the Fox is in Montgomery again this year. We will meet to plant the EAST side north of the Mill street (Montgomery Road) bridge. Parking available in Austin Park off Broadway. Start at 8 am, lunch after we will grill.

Originally planned for 6/26 DUE TO HIGH WATER IT IS DELAYED TO 7/17. Questions pm me or call630/251-5904.


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ISA does a great job with their water willow plantings. An idea I'd like to steal at some point for Indiana. How have past plantings taken root? Is there any progress monitoring, Mike? Keep up the great work!

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I included a photo of existing plants near the beginning of the video posted here:



As you can see, they are doing quite well.


Monitoring hasn't been rescheduled yet.

I'm currently not working due to a labor strike, so all my energies are focused on feeding the family right now and little else.

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Two days out & the Fox is down to 950cfs which is perfect level. It should go great come out, many hands mke light work.


Wish I could make it, but I'll be in Michigan. Every year I miss this. I wish it could be split into two days.

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