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Share Your Favorite River Photos

Mike Clifford

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I'm sure everybody has a nice collection of their favorite river photos.

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than looking at shots of local rivers and their inhabitants (people, wildlife, plants etc.) while the Fall bite is in full swing.

They don't call it the Great Outdoors for nothing!


I'll get it started with one of fellow ISA member Cory, fishing the Kankakee River on a steamy summer morning at an ISA outing in the State Park:



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These aren't my favorite photos but they are of my favorite river, the Niagra. Although the falls are the big attraction, if you ever visit the area make sure to walk around Goat Island on the American side. The power of the Niagra River before it reaches the falls is amazing.









The river downstream is sqeezed through a narrow gorge creating some major rapids.

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East Branch Dupage River last January

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Lusk is not an easy stream to canoe for 3 reasons. 1) Water level fluctuation 2) Log jams 3) Accessibility

The bridge on the Eddyville/Golconda blacktop is the only road that crosses it and the most scenic miles are upstream of that bridge. The only way to access the upstream portion is to drive as close as you can to the creek then hike the rest of the way in...carrying your canoe.

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Not in Illinois but my new home North Carolina. Raven Rock State Park in the Cape Fear River. NO smallies just the ugly green fish and LOTS of gar. Saw a jet Black Gar surface mid river looked like it was 20 lbs +.


The whole album with about 30 pictures is on my myspace you can acsess it by typing in myspace.com/babyman13. Albums titled Carolina Wilderness click pics under my default picture to get there.











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Here is our good friend Jim Kast on the Kankakee River at a recent ISA outing.

Looks rather "fishy" out there, doesn't it?

It wasn't.

But it was still great to be out in the river.




More photos from that stifling hot day.........





Forgot to change the camera setting to Macro.......ooops.








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Actually Don found out there are smallies in that river,CPO stopped me to ask for the liscense and we got talking. He said there are in fact a population but nobody fishes for them,he was SHOCKED to see i had my flyrod with me.

He says is that a flyrod in that case, i said yeah it is. Told me thats the first flyrod he has ever seen on the Cape Fear river,come to find out he has fly fished the smokeys for years for rainbows and brookies.


I started asking him about the state park and then we got into the conversation of the smallmouth alliance and lack of groups like this one down here. Talked a lot about conservation projects the ISA does and i asked if they ever need vollunteers for projects. He said they would love to have vollunteer help but nobody has really ever offered,so this fall im helping build a permanant bridge over the Cape Fear river, then in the spring im going to help with new campsites.


I have one reply to this.... HELL YEAH!

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