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The Governor's budget

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I would suggest an annual fee for the state parks for the regular users coupled with a daily fee for the occasional user but it would just result in the old Illinois budgetary shell game . They would just give less from the general budget to the IDNR budget in the amount that the entery fees brought in . Under this administration , I fear it would be worse , the fees would be transfered to the general budget with no benefit to the IDNR .


On a local level , I see the north loop and the back end of the Warner Bridge area remaining closed at the K3 state park . With the staff cuts that will come , don't be surprised if the gates stay closed a little later in the morning either . Park maintenance , like mowing prolly back to the 15 foot strip along the roads , definitely won't be reopening any of the toilet facilities , may close a few more .


On a state level , I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the smaller , lesser used parks closed completely . Boat registrations , can they get any slower , maybe .


It will be up to us as sportsman to help pick up the slack however we can . The easiest way to help is by sticking some plastic shopping sacks in our pockets and filling them up with trash , every trip . It's nice to see a big push at the yearly cleanups , but it's going to take a sustained and continuing effort to really help . Talk to the local site superintendent or area manager and ask if there is any other way you can help .


Now is the time to step up and be counted , the good folks at the IDNR could use the help , this isn't thier fault . Write to your legislators , tell them this is unacceptable . Pitch in where ever you can , however you can . Individuallly , in small groups or even as an organized club it needs to be done .





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That's not a surprise from BLA-GO

He needs to be BLA-Went as in out of office.


I can see him pulling the Daley rabbit out of the hat by privatizing all of the parks - we the users getting slammed w/ fees

to cover the State's shortages. It sickens me that DNR is last on the minds of our Springfield leader/leaders.


I know the LT GOV is a better supporter of outdoor issues but he's not the biggest cheese -very unfortunate.

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This dude actually makes Ryan look good.


Not that I'm a Blago supporter but Ryan left him a big $H!? sandwich to take a bite out of. I don't agree with some of the areas he's chose to cut but when you inheret a huge deficit its raise the taxes or make some cuts. It's not just the DNR, its public schools, IDOT, ect. We are going to be paying for years from the corruption of the Ryan administration.

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I'd like to agree with you, Paul.


Unfortunately, the vast number and breadth of his policy decisions involving NEW expenditures makes it clear that he thinks there's PLENTY of money to go around...just not for the IDNR.


I also agree with Norm that this impending disaster makes the role of groups like ours even more important. I like the idea of helping clean up at parks. I know some of us do that already.


Make sure too that IDNR personnel know about the ISA conservation granting program...we can't fill the breach, but we can at least help.

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Guest rich mc

dale bowman mentioned a possibility of state park entry fees. we know government to well to trust them. it was mentioned years ago that a secure donation collection device could be placed at the entrance to each state park.voluntary donations couldthen be dropped in. for example shabbona one year had estimated 400,ooo visitors, if every one dropped in a dime that would be 40,000 . this would be used at that specific park only. problem with that is the following year year the blago would cut that funds enough to match the amount that was donated. rich

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Ryan did not go to prison soon enough or long enough.

But dont forget the rest of the clowns in Springfield. They all got in

on the action for Ryans " Build Illinois ". They all got their share to

help spend us into bankrubcy. Most of them are still in office, and now

they are telling us that they are fiscally responseble. Dont belive it!

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